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  • Cam

    Why would a true gay power couple or a hot sucessful single guy want to be on a show that is like the real housewives? Nobody with any dignity would go on one of those shows.

  • terrwill

    Just how cold is that water????? : p

  • TheAwfulTruth

    This is sooooo pathetic.

  • skip

    Terrwill I thought the same. Very cold water!

  • Yasuri Yamileth

    Sometimes I hate being a gay … there’s no need for this shit. I’m sure there won’t be a chubby, style challenged gay in sight.

  • Colby12

    Oh, Logo when will you learn? I thought gays were know for be smart and creative. This show sounds AWFUL.

    I agree with Cam. Any gay who is truly successful would never do this show.

  • alejandro

    i dont know what everyone’s making a big fuss about. this is just gonna be another realy bad reality show! and there’s nothing wrong with that. ppl want to see fake drama to escape from reality and life. why shouldnt the gays get that too.

    i’m not saying its gonna be good or anything but i’m not against it.

  • hardmannyc

    Look on the bright side. Nothing could be worse than “the Robert Verdi show.”

  • Tylertime

    Who is running the show at Logo? This is the best they can do?

  • Swellster

    Logo is owned by MTV. These are the same people who brought us Jersey Shore. What do you expect? It’s all crap.

  • ryan


    nothing like perpetuating the stereotype.

    shallow gays, about as deep emotionally as a puddle.

    way to go.

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    Nothing says “we’re just like you” then reality television and Davey Wavey!

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    * than motherfuckers, than

  • Michael

    Enough reality show TV garbage! Logo deserves to fail.

  • drewbrown

    i just threw up a little. yes, there’s a desperate need in the gay community to celebrate extended adolescence, extreme vanity, shallow relationships and materialism. as if we’re not constantly bombarded with these things in every form of gay media. not that i’m bitter or anything.

  • Henry Holland

    It’s easy to see
    That you are one of us
    Ain’t it funny how
    We all seem to look the same

    The Who

  • Austin

    And everyone on this thread will be watching every episode
    and know every cast member’s name and detailed history,
    and say they know a friend with them,
    and reporting here how awful it is.

  • nautilusjv

    This sounds pathetic, but I’ll watch it. Kept sounded like a much more interesting show.

  • bobo

    i don’t want a show about gay socialites. that idea is boring, does not represent me or my friends, and does not speak to me at all. this type of show is designed to keep us passive, to get us to buy and consume their prouducts so we can be like them, to not resist or organize against a society that hates us, and to just keep watching watching watching, instead of living. [email protected] that shit. i want to see something real, i want to see and hear stories and images about radical and militant LGBTQ activists who are fighting back, resisting and advocating and taking down the status quo.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    For those of you living in the heartland with plans to one day attend a Fire Island summer event this pic is exactly what you will see more or less on the beach and in the nearby stores and streets. They amount to nothing more than a swarm of lonely little boys with atrocious social skills.

    One incident I will never forget: I was in a restaurant waiting for a friend of mine when someone I had a casual conversation with the night before at a bar sat down at the table. I told him I was waiting for a friend of mine but he was welcome to stay if he wanted. He was a cute interracial kid whom it was obvious his looks and bubble butt is what he uses to survive on. My friend, an attractive black guy who does not have a six-pac and wears glasses came in and sat down.

    This little bitch not only got visibly uncomfortable but kept looking around the room to see who was looking at us. I told him to get the fuck up and leave. He looked at me and I then said it LOUDER and even added he was looking at the wrong person (me) for a sugar-daddy. I was waiting for him to burst out in tears but I could stand it no longer. The majority of them do not talk to others who are not a carbon copy of them. The ones I really laugh at are the blacks who are on the prowl (and being criminally ignored or flicked off by whites who do not want to even sit next to them in a restaurant let alone have sex)for white trade but will not talk to each other. Many of them will not even make eye contact with other blacks.

    If you do decide to go be prepared to “swim” in a sea of self centered assholes who don’t understand that is not gold they are wiping on that toilet paper they use. Only a fool would idolize a show like that or the A-holes they find to fill in the cast. You can have them and this silly ass show.

  • StraightGrrrl

    This show only seeks to prmote stereotypes.

    Media seems to love representing gay males as one dimensional characters with shallow interests.

    sigh Shows like this will only fuel the idea to annoying conspiracy theorists with the idea that there is a malicious gay agenda out to destroy heterosexual rights!

  • TheAwfulTruth

    I hope a giant tsunami wipes them out.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    The only show out there that hits the nail on the head with the portrayal of gay men is “The Family Guy.”

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