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These 2 Kenyan Men Got Married Because There Are No Good Women Left


Why did Kenyan men Daniel Chege Gichia and Charles Ngengi (L-R) have to get married in London earlier this weekend? Because there are no women worth marrying left in the country!

So goes the theory of Ambrose Muli, a priest at St. Anthony Catholic Cathedral in southeast Kenya. At a sermon on Sunday, he told parishioners he was a “very, very disappointed man” because these two fellas only got hitched because there were no decent lady folk to wed, relays the Daily Nation, which in a previous article referred to Gichia as Ngengi’s “bride.”

“This so-called marriage between the two Kenyan men in London last week, why do you think it happened? What went wrong? What is the matter?” he asked the congregation. “This was because the women are no longer marriageable. … Women, from the way I see it, have become too complicated and unattractive in marriage. You don’t provide what God intended you to give in marriage. You have frustrated the men so much leading them to trying among themselves whether they will get the joy that comes with marriage.”

Guess how well that sat with the women in audience? Not very. They shouted back that it wasn’t their fault, but Kenya’s male population that was lacking.

Muli was not convinced: “There is something very very wrong with women these days. You have failed to handle men the way you should. Men don’t see anything useful in you. The job that God gave you, you have failed to do.”

Not that this priest is anti-gay or anything: Gays aren’t more sinful than heteros, says Muli, but God wants man to procreate, not have anal sex.

As for the happy couple? They’re on their honeymoon in Brighton, England, and kindly ask their motherland to leave them the F alone. Says Gichia (who was, apparently, married once before to a Brit): “We appeal to the Kenyan public and the media to leave us alone; we have not committed any crime, our marriage is within the UK law. … It is regrettable Kenyan media invaded our families’ privacy by visiting our parents in Murang’a. The visit to our family home was uncalled-for and most undesirable. I heard the press were asking them all sorts of questions. Our parents have nothing to do with our decision to get married; we are both consenting adults who decided to be civil partners. It is none of anybody else’s business.”

Good luck with that.