These 2 Zimbabwean Men Were Caught Having Sex By Their Landlady. Now What?

Nigel Ruredzo, 28, and Shine Njawara, 29 — two Zimbabwean men caught by their landlady having adult relations — pleaded guilty to sodomy charges before a judge in Bindura, in the northeast part of the country. You know where this is going.

Their “illegal activity” — defined by Zimbabwe’s criminal code as “unlawful and intentional sexual relations per anum between two human males” — took place late last month, while most of you were in a Thanksgiving food coma, and it was loud enough that it awoke Patricia Chimange, who runs their housing complex, and another tenant.

New Zimbabwe adds: “The state outline indicates that Ruredzo assumed the role of a woman. Makau is said to have subsequently assaulted them with a stick while the landlady administered a strong reprimand.”

They’ll remain in lock up until their Dec. 29 hearing. Which, if you know anything about how President Robert Mugabe’s decades-long anti-LGBT crusades affect the gays, will not go well. Laws banning sodomy, which carries a possible three-year prison sentence, were updated in 2006-07 to prohibit any gay-ish activity between two men, including holding hands, hugging, and kissing.

(In unrelated news, the attempt by officials to indict Ellen Chademana on charges of possessing pornography just failed, with a judge ruling that two X-rated photos supposedly seized during a raid on Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, where Chademana worked, were hers. The ruling follows the acquittal of similar charges against Chademana’s co-worker Ignatius Muhambi.)

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