These Christians Aren’t Thrilled With Indiana Senate’s Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban


Y’all were too out of control at Indiana’s Senate yesterday, doggone-it, they had lock you out! Just because some lawmakers were trying to add a ban on gay marriage and civil unions to the state constitution, because state law isn’t good enough, some 40 of you were up in the balcony screaming one of your radical homosexual activist curse spells, and had to be removed. Clearly the lawmakers — who shot down one senator’s attempt to at least remove civil unions from the ban — confused people who care about their civil rights with performance artists. The bill, which breezed through the House, would still need to be approved by the next elected legislature and get approval from voters; a full Senate vote on the bill is expected this week. At least the good Christians in the video above (from the 400-member Jesus Metropolitan Church of Indianapolis) had the decency to take their (anti-)hate speech to the hallways. UPDATE: In a 40-10 vote, the Senate approved the ban.

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  • Jeff

    Jesus discriminated all the time. I appreciate their support, but their PR strategy makes them look idiotic.

  • T9r7u2t0h1


    Your use of simplistic and derogatory slurs, and unsubstantiated false claims, accomplishes the very thing you claim about the PR strategy of the folk from MCC.

    You come across as someone who is just making up bs as he goes along.


    Shame on the Indiana Republicans using the premise of “family values” to deny a family value to same-sex families.

    When you compare the large number of broken heterosexual marriages in this country to the relatively tiny number of same-sex couples wanting equal rights under the law, it’s amazing that these conservatives NEVER think of preserving the “sanctity of marriage” and the “basic family unit” by OUTLAWING DIVORCE!


  • Crysta Lynn

    I have no problem with being unable to marry, as long as all those hypocritical bastards are unable to divorce!!!

    Lets see how long that lasts :p

    Better yet, make it retroactive, lets see em deal with their ORIGINAL partner, assuming many of em even remember who the hell that was!

  • John

    More proof that not all self-described Christians are elitist bigots.

  • TheRealAdam

    @John: But the majority of them, historically and currently, are. That’s sufficient, thank you very much.

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