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These Companies Are Here to Recruit Homosexuals

I’m pretty sure it would be in the best interest of British advocacy group Stonewall to not call its employer guidebook Starting Out — which, much like HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, ranks employers based on their queer-friendliness — a “recruitment” guide. Sure, with some 450 businesses letting Stonewall grade them on whether they’re champions of diversity, potential employees can get an idea of which corporation is going to provide a more inclusive workplace, and technically the companies who volunteer to be included are “recruiting” new staffers. But I’m pretty sure we’ve been trying to show how The Gays are not in the business of recruiting anyone to join the fold. At least that’s what we say publicly. Privately, we’ve got a secret hand shake and delicious candy to hand out on street corners.

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  • Fagburn

    Or, to put it another way, that’s 450+ companies paying Stonewall £2,000 a year to be included.
    You do the math/s.
    Has any company ever been failed/rejected?

  • Andrew

    I have to wonder why a British LGBT organization even calls itself Stonewall. Of course I think the Stonewall riots belong to all LGBT people, not just American, but wouldn’t they want something signifying their own fight?

  • declanto

    @Andrew: They don’t have anything that compares, so they’re borrowing-just till they find their own, mind you.

  • Nuytsia

    The rest of the world did steal Stonewall!!

    Then went onto allow gays into the military and to allow Gay Marriage and legallity at 16yrs.

    Why all the upset then??

    When will the USA catch up?

    Nuytsia Australia

  • Rainfish

    Ironic isn’t it? It would be as if the Americans started the Revolutionary War to get rid of a tyrannical king, but the British picked up on the idea and then finished the job before we did. So, the Americans are still left with a tyrannical system of institutionalized government sanctioned anti-gay laws, but it is the British gays who now have all of the rights we fought for before, during and after the Stonewall Rebellion.

    Well, but on the brighter side of things (or maybe it’s just a little sliver of sunlight) we do have actual, legal, same-sex marriage in several U.S. states (albeit, without federal recognition), whereas they (the British) only have an apartheid-like system of Civil Partnerships (though with all of the same rights as marriage). So, while we got a few tiny slices of the “real” wedding cake — they got the whole quasi-wedding cake, but without the two grooms or brides on top…er, rather, they got the whole Civil Partnership cake, that is.

    Now, compared to other primarily English-speaking countries, Canada has everything: marriage equality, no anti-GLBT discrimination or minority discrimination allowed at all. And she is a better example of full equality and inclusiveness than most places on Earth. If it were not for all of that bloody baby Fur Seal clubbing done each hunting and trapping season, Canada would be the closest thing on this planet to Utopia for the GLBT and egalitarian communities.

    My spouse and I got married in Vancouver, B.C., Canada six years ago. It’s a remarkably beautiful place with very friendly people. We hope, some day, to relocate there in our Autumn years. Though, for all of you poor Fur Seals in Canada, it would be better for you if you were to emigrate to San Diego. Sorry about that. But I hear the sea food there is fabulous, and not just because it has a Naval Base with lots of horny sailors on leave either.

    ~ Bon Chance Mes Petits Amis

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