These Gay Parents Could’t Find A Community Of Other Gay Dads, So They Created One

unnamedWhen Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren became fathers they did what any new dads do best: scour the universe for every bit of child rearing knowledge they could find in the hopes of becoming better parents because, like, whoa, this is actually happening and there’s a baby all of a sudden. A real, live baby. Except what they found was that more often than not, the available advice out there was too “mom-centric” to be relatable. Everywhere they turned they saw phrases like “mommy tested – mommy approved” or “for moms by moms” and even shopped in stores called “From Bump to Baby” and “Moms to be and More.” They found no community with whom they could identify so they decided to build one. Thus four years later GaysWithKids.com was born, and now the site is live, hoping to connect gay fathers around the world to share their unique experiences and tips. “As gay dads, we face many truths and challenges that are uniquely our own, and it’s incredibly empowering to be able to do so as part of a robust and vibrant community,” said Rosenberg. And while this is the stuff of homophobic nightmares, perhaps the site can be a resource not just for connecting gay fathers but also showcasing happy, healthy families with gay parents to the misinformed idiots of the world.