These Guys Are Madly In Love And Want The World To Know It

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Trigger warning: High levels of cheese detected below.

If you are allergic or oversensitive to extreme cuteness, happy couples and/or overwhelming optimism, read at your own risk.

Do you have that one friend who seems to have found the key to life’s bliss in the form of his boyfriend? Or, are you that friend, constantly doting on your other half?

It’s important to know we don’t need an external source to tap into happiness, but we’d be lying if we said some of life’s most satisfying moments aren’t spent shared with the people we love.

For these guys, that means their boyfriends.

Here’s what guys on Whisper are saying about their beaus:

My boyfriend is the only guy who

My boyfriend is the hottest man in the world to me. We

Whenever my life gets difficult, my boyfriend is always there to make me laugh. We

I love how my boyfriend accepts me for who I am and he

My boyfriend is my biggest supporter in life. He was there when I came out to my religious parents (at 25) and has been there every step of the way since. I love him madly.

Growing up gay I didn

I love how when my boyfriend and I are talking, I


Sometimes I really get annoyed with being gay because of the discrimination people have. But then I see my boyfriend who loves me so much and I can just let it go.


My boyfriend has stood by me through every difficult part of my adult life. When my parents stopped talking to me, I realized he was the family that matters to me now ??

My boyfriend was supposed to be a one night stand. We

My boyfriend is the kindest man I know and would do anything for me.. The way he looks in my eyes. Heaven

After months of building an incredible relationship I