These Guys Just Couldn’t Keep The News To Themselves. We’re Not Mad.

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For most gay people born in the 20th century, the fairytale dream of being proposed to and living happily ever after was beyond the scope of probability.

Of course, reality rarely matches the dream, even in a post-marriage equality world — anyone who’s been in a serious relationship can tell you it’s not all daffodils and butterfly kisses.

But we’re creatures of romance, and one should never have to apologize for seeing the best in people.

The below proposal stories on Whisper have us feeling all sorts of mushy, and there’s something enduringly optimistic about the beginning of a beautiful journey:

I came out to my best friend four years ago and it turned out he was also gay. Yesterday he proposed and I said yes!

My now fiancé proposed to me. I love him with all my heart!! Even though my parents once were angry that I

My boyfriend is my Prince Charming. I proposed and was so nervous but he made me melt. All I wanted was for him to say yes and he did

Yesterday I proposed to the love of my life, a man who has been there for me for so many years. He was speechless. It

I proposed to my boyfriend as soon as we woke up. I didn

My boyfriend proposed to me today. He had no ring or nothing. Just straight out asked me to marry him. And I said yes. I think a ring shouldn



My boyfriend proposed, he didn

My boyfriend proposed to me out in public. No one minded even though we

My boyfriend proposed and the most incredible part has been watching everyone

Growing up I always thought I would propose. But my boyfriend got down on one knee last night, it was honestly so beautiful and romantic. I couldn

My boyfriend and I are gay and last night we proposed at the same time?? Happiest moment of my life