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Watch These LGBT People Get Excited And Angry While Watching The “Stonewall” Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.33.31 PMEveryone’s got an opinion. Some people even have informed opinions. Then there’s the storm brewing around the pending release of Stonewall, action director Roland Emmerich’s vision of what happened at the mythic 1969 riots in New York’s Greenwich Village with a petition launched to boycott sight unseen and based solely on viewing the trailer and the perception that trans and people of color are underrepresented. We’ve reported on this curious phenomenon of people many times here with the film’s director, screenwriter, star and even noted curmudgeon Larry Kramer offering their opinions on why people need to chill out until they actually see the historical drama. Now BuzzFeed has taken to the street (or, rather, what appears to be the BuzzFeed office) to poll a cross-section of folks on their opinions of the trailer.

Some are optimistic and wish for “an elegant, beautiful” retelling of the seminal event in queer history and appreciate the music and fashion on display in the trailer. Others are concerned that it will be told in a way that “doesn’t really reflect what actually happened.” Some are even less satisfied, wondering why historical characters such as Miss Major and Marsha P. Johnson aren’t present. “Oh, cool, a white guy,” one remarks.

See how they all feel about it below.

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