These Stanford Students Refuse to Marry Until You Can. So Won’t You Support Them?


Say what you will about flighty liberal college students jumping on a cause because that is what they do, but we’ve been taken by the kids behind the National Marriage Boycott, who are going around wearing something called “Equality Rings” while protesting discriminatory marriage laws. The gimmick: They are promising not to get married until gays and lesbians can, too. How very Brad and Angelina of them, right? Also: We’d like to know what the churn rate is upon graduation, when engagement and bachelorette parties are too hard to resist.

We’ve mentioned them before, but now they’re seeking a $10,000 Idea Blob prize, which will help these Stanford undergrads launch 20 satellite campus operations this fall. Sound like a worthy cause? It just takes a click to help them get the cash, and time is almost up to beat the competition.