What's in a name?

These “Tech Bears” Want To Educate You on LGBT Issues In The Name of Jeb Bush

cj-phillips_charlie-rainwaterHere’s a site you should bookmark: JebBushForPresident.com.

No, we’re not suddenly endorsing antigay politicians for 2016. And neither are CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater, the self-identified “tech bear” couple who are manning the site.

Instead the pair — who grabbed the domain way back in 2008 — plan to use the URL to educate people on the way politics impact LGBT families.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Phillips and Rainwater explained their motivation:

At the time our plan was very focused around giving real-life insight about the legislation that was being passed in Texas and how it affected an average LGBT couple. Many of our coworkers and family would say things to us like, “Oh, you aren’t going to be affected by that law…” when in reality we were definitely going to be impacted!

The couple says their intention is not to use the domain simply to protest. Rather, they want to educate people. “We want to facilitate positive discussions. Neither one of us is a fan of just bashing on other groups, so we hope we can engender some understanding from a diversity point of view.”

Sneaky domain snatching can be sticky business, especially when done in bad faith. In 2000, Madonna filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over Madonna.com, which a New York businessman had purchased for $20,000 and used as an adult entertainment portal. The three-member WIPO panel ruled in favor of the singer, stating that she had a more legitimate claim on the URL since “Madonna” was both her legal and professional name. In a similar arbitration, however, they ruled against Police frontman Sting because “sting” was considered a common word and the singer had not trademarked it as a name.

Here’s to hoping Jeb Bush won’t file a similar suit against these adorable tech bears. Especially since IWantToTakeAwayYourRights.com is currently available. Just sayin’.

JebBushForPresident.com is currently under construction.