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The only thing gayer than the Oscars this year were the commercials

Just when you thought the gay Super Bowl couldn’t be much gayer this year, even the commercials played an important supporting role with five queer couple performances.

Here are our nominees for the Best Queer Couple in a commercial during the Academy Awards. Let us know in the comments below…

1. British Airways

Celebrating 100 years for the airline, this ad features a handholding male couple, after noting “you’ve led revolutions.” It also stars several British celebrities, including a cheeky Olivia Colman, who stole from Glenn Close the title for Best Actress via her role as a lesbian in the campy movie, The Favourite. This online video version also includes a transgender person in a fanciful outfit.

2. Mount Sinai Hospital

An older male couple walk slowly, arm in arm in Central Park, one of several examples of people saved by the hospital. For the men, it says, “Living life again with a transplanted liver.”

3. Samsung Galaxy

Celebrating technology to come in this ad called “The Future,” we see a clothing designer putting something together on a triple panel of 6-foot tall monitors, an artist tattooing someone remotely via a robot, and a pregnant lesbian couple conducting their own ultrasound at home with an attachment to their phone.

4. Stitch Fix

This online clothing delivery service commercial made just for the Oscars plays on how everyday people get dressed.

“Today, Hollywood got dressed up for the big night out, and Molly got dressed for hers.” Several other adults and a child follow, including a male couple: “Mateo and Kevin got dressed for their Sunday ritual.” The two reappear a second time revealing their ritual: the movies.


Part of a series called “Out Here” featuring a different way of life on the island, two women get off a small boat together, as one affectionately holds the other’s waist. It appears they’re breaking the heart of the male boat operator. The narrator playfully says, “Out here, there are three sides to every story.”

And the winner is? Please let us know in the comments below!

Michael Wilke has covered LGBTQ issues in advertising since 1992, is the founder of Commercial Closet/, and Senior US Consultant for LGBTQ marketing and diversity firm Out Now.