Things We Love: Tyra Banks and Amanda Lepore
Who doesn’t love Amanda Lepore? Well, okay, there’s that HRC member who didn’t appreciate her behavior at the group’s NYC gala last weekend, but we think the majority of queers appreciate the legendary scenester’s perspective, beauty and, yes, absurdity.

And speaking of absurdity, we can’t get enough Tyra Banks. Sure, she’s a terrible journalist, shamelessly patronizing and unbelievably full of herself, but we’re hopelessly addicted to her television show. It’s great therapy, actually. Whenever we’re angry with the world, we just turn it on, yell at her utter stupidity and feel like a million bucks.

That said, you can be sure we loved the episode on which Lepore had a little heart-to-heart with the model mogul. So, we’re posting it again for those of you who may have missed it.

(PS: We think Lepore’s way prettier than busted ass Tyra.)