Third Active Duty Soldier Sentenced

wesley_mitten.jpegGays are being sent to jail left and right these days! Now the “ringleader” for the soldiers-in-porn scandal has been sentenced to three months in a military prison, for engaging in sex for money. Thank God he’s off the streets! Just kidding. This whole thing is so stupid.

Wesley K. Mitten (pictured at left) is considered the “ringleader” because he told the other soldiers involved about the site, according to statements by the military’s prosecutor. Mitten plead guilty to sodomy, conduct unbecoming an officer, and using cocaine. Although apparently it’s that sodomy charge that has the military all riled up.

From Fayetteville Online:

Mitten told the court that he was contacted by the Web site’s producer, Dennis Ashe, through the Internet in August.

Ashe, a leading producer of military-themed pornography, owns three Fayetteville-based production companies: Active Duty Productions, Pink Bird Media and New Fame Media, according to the N.C. Secretary of State’s Office.

Mitten said he met with Ashe the day after he was contacted. The producer asked him to pose for nude pictures and offered to pay him $2,000 to perform in a gay pornography video.

Mitten, performing under the name “Donnie,” and another paratrooper met at Ashe’s house the following day and filmed a pornography video.

He testified that Ashe set up a camera controlled by a computer from another room and filmed the paratroopers having sex.

Army prosecutors said Mitten had no regard for right and wrong.

“He exploited other members of the unit, but it was OK because Pvt. Mitten was making a buck,” (Prosecutor) Zeldin said.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Fayetteville. Although it’s a tragedy he’s going to prison, and he’s losing his job. But it’s ridiculous to blame him for the other soldiers choosing to make a porn movie too. It’s also odd that this is considered a crime in military court, when it’s totally legal otherwise. And we’d still LOVE to see these videos.

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