Third Eye Blind Performed RNC Concert Just To Troll Attendees With Pro-Gay Speech

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It’s hard to say when guests at the Republican National Convention started to realize something was amiss.

It could’ve been when rock band Third Eye Blind, the entertainment for the night, decided not to play any of their best-known hits. No “Semi-Charmed Life.” No “Never Let You Go.” Not even a “How’s It Going to Be,” damn it.

Maybe they were tipped off by the fact that lead singer Stephan Jenkins decided to spend the greater part of the night jeering at the crowd.

“Raise your hands if you believe in science!” he yelled.

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And while we don’t have a strong affinity for their music, we definitely have an affinity for their trolling. Of the ten songs performed, there was only one certifiable hit: “Jumper,” which is about a friend of the band’s who took his own life by jumping off a bridge.

As Pajiba reports, the show ended with a plea for gay rights, which led to an outlandish amount of booing.

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“To love this song,” Jenkins said, “is to take into your heart the message and to actually, actually have a feeling to arrive and move forward and not live in fear and imposing that fear onto other people.”

Watch the scene unfold here:

The Twitterverse has been quick to weigh in, from both sides: