Third Salt Lake Gay Bashing Marks Official Start Of Gay Hunting Season

In the first of three recent Salt Lake City gay bashings, the bashers entered a gay man’s apartment and beat up his boyfriend. In the second pair of attacks, the bashers staked out a gay bar and then curb stomped a gay man’s teeth out. And in this most recent bashing, the attackers waited until a gay hairstylist took out the trash from his salon to break his nose.

These bashers hunt in packs and aren’t even remotely scared that other people might come around and stop or report them—rather ballsy. So we guess it’s pretty much accepted by everyone that it’s open season on gays in Utah.

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  • Mike


  • Pedro

    Why did you remove my comment Mr. Villarreal? Isn’t that the kind of atmosphere you’ve bred on this blog! An atmosphere of hatred, particularly towards blacks? I pray that you’re actually some White Spaniard and not a Latino of color, because you should be ashamed of yourself. My comment was sarcastic and simply following the tone of this site.

  • WillBFair

    Daniel, you know I respect your work. But again, the snarky tone is not appropriate for this topic.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @WillBFair: I’m not being snarky. As far as I’m concerned, 4 gay bashings in less than a month constitutes open season.

    @Pedro: Haters gonna hate. Thanks for reading.

  • the crustybastard

    Utah has among the simplest requirements in the nation to secure a concealed-carry permit.

    That is all.

  • Dollie

    I don’t find the tone to be as inappropriate as the picture accompanying the article. Why not post a picture of Temple Square? We certainly know who has issued permits to these “hunters.”

  • Allen D.

    @the crustybastard: One our gay groups is putting one together for the community. I’ll be there.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @the crustybastard: I was just thinking the same thing.

  • Storm

    It’s past time for gay people to become poster-children for concealed carry. Forget gay softball and dart leagues. We need gay shooting classes and firearm instruction.

  • Mav

    @Storm: Maybe if a few more of these homophobic thugs got shot in the face when they cornered gay people for violent assault, they’d think twice about doing it.

    The only problem with concealed carry is that how are we going to get into the club with a gun?

    LGBT folks should start chapters like the Guardian Angels in NYC, set up some volunteer armed patrols available to guard the areas surrounding the gay bars and neighborhoods. Nothing scarier than a bunch of butch lesbians who are packing. (Literally.)

    If they want to fight with gangs, I say we start our own.

  • Daine

    Enough is enough. We need to protect ourselves instead of crying about it. Anti-gay attacks will continue as long as bigots think we’re an easy target.

  • Thomas Maguire

    It’s WAY past time to take the fight to the homophones.

    It is not just enough to protect ourselves, we need to make a statement.

    Queer Americans need to start giving the breeders something to fear.

    They will not stop until every last one of us has been hearded onto a boxcar and shipped to a camp.

    We must fight with the same ferocity.

  • MoreBronx

    @Thomas Maguire: You guys won’t do shit. You never do. And when one of us does, fighting off queer-bashers like I did, the gay activists dropped any bit of interest in my story when they learned the attackers were black (I’m white). So…

  • MoreBronx

    @Thomas Maguire: And I sure don’t say that to be putting down black folks overall, before I get accused of that. I’m talking about pc cowardly gay NYC activists who will march over a gay assault in an incident way out west but hide under their beds when anything right in NYC happens.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’ve said for years, gay men, lesbians, and trans folks should be armed.

    If you’re under assault all the little whistles and Judo chops in the world won’t protect your gay ass. Do it legal. If you have a record, you’re fucked. But if you’re clean, apply, let the state do a background check, take the necessary classes and tell them why you want to “carry” and ask for recommendations on what type of gun to buy.

    It’s a shame life in the good, Ole’ US of A has come to this, but it has and no one is going to make me or mine their victim.

  • Thomas Maguire

    @MoreBronx: I live in Denver, CO where I was born and raised. Never have lived in NYC, thank you.

  • Kev C

    Utah has been designated a future mecca for LGBTs. It is no longer a remote haven for religious nuts. The entire state is to be “gayed up”. Resistance? Futile.

  • Allen D.

    @Kev C: This is true. Until these recent incidents, the idea of gay bashers here had never crossed my mind. It’s always been very pleasant being gay here. Politics not withstanding.

  • Alex

    I never thought I would say this, but maybe it’s time we started packing heat, at least in Utah. I would love to see all four of these scumbags shot dead, it would send a positive message. If you cannot obtain a gun permit, then carry a knife.

    Where does all this talk about race and racism come from, did any of these articles even mention the race of the attackers. For all we know, the attackers could have been skinheads.

  • Thomas Maguire

    I was once attacked by gay bashers.

    They beat the shit out of me and took my laptop and phone.

    It was not prosecuted as a hate crime but instead as a “simple assault.”

    One dude did a week in jail and was released.

    The next time it happened I bashed back and the result was not to the attackers liking.

  • MoreBronx

    @Thomas Maguire: Good for you. That’s the way. (Not that I’m criticizing those who CAN’T fight, because nobody deserves to be assaulted like that..)

  • MoreBronx

    @Alex: In the Utah cases I think one of the attackers in one of the assaults was described as white. Which means the gay activists will be all over it. Which is fine. But not fine when they purposely ignore cases when the attackers are “of color.”

  • Syl

    To all LGBTs in Utah: You are in a “shall issue” concealed carry state. Get a gun, learn how to shoot it, carry it everywhere, and be ready to use it. No person has the right to instigate violence, but if it’s been instigated against you, you have every right to use violence to defend yourself. I know the stereotype and statistics say that most queers are on the liberal side, but make this an exception. These redneck bigots don’t believe in logic or any law other than their troglodyte superstitions, and in a Mormon-run hick state like Utah, you’re not going to get any help from law enforcement or local courts. Speak in the language they understand: violence. These knuckle-dragging vermin won’t stop until some brave, gun-owning queer or ally gives them their needed dosage of lead.

  • Allen D.

    Syl, that’s a gross over-simplification of Utah. Salt Lake City, itself, is very liberal and predominantly NON-LDS. Last time I looked at educational trends, we were doing pretty well there too. So, I wouldn’t call us a “hick state”.

    I consider myself a hardcore liberal, but have no problem with guns.

  • macmantoo

    Accuse the Mormon Church of sanctioning the bashing and see how fast they stop.

  • Jodi Rives

    @macmantoo–Unfortunately, the Mormon church is in a very calculated and carefully crafted state of mass denial about their part in these things. Their new narrative, which I seem to hear from every member I talk to, is “We love gay people. They are our friends, they come to our home for dinner.” Yet, a year ago, Boyd K. Packer (a big daddy at the top)gave a worldwide conference talk in which he referred to homosexuals/homosexuality as evil, dangerous, impure, unnatural, and a “wickedness that might threaten your family circle,” etc.

    They aren’t going to change because they don’t demand it of themselves.

  • MoreBronx

    After looking up more about these cases, I only think one is a probable gaybashing. The other two are fakes.

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