Third Victim Emerges To Accuse Elmo Puppeteer In Underage-Sex Scandal

A third plaintiff has come forward to accuse Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of initiating an underage sexual relationship.

In a civil complaint filed today in Manhattan federal court, the unnamed John Doe, now 28, says he met Clash on a chat line when he was just 16, and the 40-year-old entertainer started “grooming.”

At a press conference this afternoon Attorney Jeff Herman read excerpts of the accuser’s unpublished book about his experiences with Clash, the New York Post reports:

In Chapter 11: “Tickled my heart,” the accuser said he and Clash stopped short of intercourse when he was just 16, but they still went far.

“When we first met I was 16 and there was no intercourse; however lots of heavy kissing and he showed me what it felt like to get on your knees and obey your man,” according to the unpublished text.

“Mr Tickler is what I will call him and the game we played was father and son.”

The aspiring author wrote that he vividly recalled spotting an Emmy at Clash’s Upper West Side apartment.

“I noticed that he had an Emmy on his shelf that I thought could not be real, because I knew every black man who had an Emmy so I thought. I really just scoped his place out and acted very calm,” the accuser wrote.

“On our first night I did not lose my virginity; however I learned what it felt like to have a man kiss you and take your breath away.”

Herman also represents Cecil Singleton, Clash’s second accuser and the one whose allegations led to the puppeteer to resign from Sesame Street.  A representative for Clash says this new suit “has no merit.”



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  • 2eo

    Unpublished book, it isn’t like anyone in history has ever used a current event to plug a book release.

  • JAW

    Sad… sounds like he has a book to sell

    They met in a Gay chat room… The young man went to the apartment MANY MANY times… he is not a victim… if there is a victim it might be Kevin… these guys seemed to have been looking for sex/relationship and as we see now MONEY.

  • Christopher22

    @JAW: Spend some time talking to young people who have been exploited by predators. And LISTEN. You have a lot to learn. (Yes, an adult prowling–whether in parks or chat rooms–for underage kids for sex is a predator.)

  • William Hooper

    I said it here before,say it again now:guilty,or not,looking for
    $$$,and/or quick celebrity,or not}SAD,SAD,SAD for all concerned,
    including us,the consumers of this scandal-mongering.

  • Mjl-428

    Aaaaaaaaaannnnd He’s Done.

  • JAW


    Trust me I know that there are tons of guys looking for underage kids… it disgusts me

    But there are also 16 yo’s who want to be with older guys… father figures and they go looking for these guys.

    They were both in a “GAY” chat… at 16 he knew what he was and what he wanted… at 28 he now has a book about the whole event ready to go. This is not a case of a pervert hunting for innocent children…

    A few weeks ago a young girl was murdered by 2 brothers… one 15 the other 17… The crowd around here wants them both tried as adults for the murder… if a 15 yo can be considered an adult when they do something wrong… why cant a 16 yo be considered an adult when sex is involved???

  • William Hooper

    @Christopher22: Christopher22,You’re
    right about predators_whether Mr.Elmo is/was one}Who knows?Sad for
    him and the kids and/or kid hustlers-blackmailers,in any case.
    The other night I went to a presentation called “Survivors”,a book
    and support group for people who were sexually abused as
    kids/young adults.The psychologists/activists behind this project
    included accounts written by the victims.Much of the abuse was
    incestuous,or the abuser was a trusted relative,or family friend.
    The most heart-rending accounts were of one of the victim’s parents
    [usually the mother] steadfastly & repeatedly refusing to acknowledge
    that the abuse had occurred.

  • William Hooper

    @QUEERTY censors:Once again,a heartfelt and unobjectionable comment of mine has been sent to your “comment awaiting moderation” slag heap.All I can say is:FUCK QUEERTY.

  • Stache1

    @Christopher22: Totally agree with that.

  • Stache1

    @William Hooper:
    I’ll give you a hint. His last name rhymes with crash. As in his career.

  • Cee

    @Christopher22: He’s not a predator. There were on a gay chat site that has an 18+ requirement to create an account. That information is being conveniently left out. I also know of two other guys Clash contacted in 2009. Funny thing is Clash was very upfront and actually introduced himself. Who does that nowadays? The fact these guys didn’t know who he was just shows their own stupidity and ignorance because all they had to do was Google his name. He didn’t lie to these guys. They lied to him and everyone else they encountered by being underage on an adult chat site. #Deception. Young gay guys prey on older guys all of the time because they are lazy, uneducated and pathetic looking for the daddy they never had to take care of them. These guys are STUNT QUEENS. Please don’t defend them and don’t feel sorry for them. They’re not victims. I hope Clash doesn’t pay them out. I know he probably wants to draw as little attention as possible, but he needs to speak up and stand his ground. Tell the truth even if you have to reveal some things. FUCK what people think and FUCK what they’re saying. Don’t pay liars off to make them go away. Guys like these make it worse for kids who really get taken advantage of and sexually abused. They should be ashamed.

  • niles

    I almost feel sorry for the old perv.

  • William Hooper

    @Stache1: ,@Oueerty:Thanks for the info,
    Stachel,I thought as much.
    For Queerty:My comments used to be posted under Guillermo3.Now
    [not that I mind],they are posted under my name.WHY?
    William Hooper Guillermo3

  • William Hooper

    “Dear” QUEERTY:Why are my comments now posted under my name,
    when for a couple of years thy were posted under the tag with
    which I registered} Guillermo3 ?

  • Mjl-428

    @Cee: @JAW: @William Hooper: @niles: @Stache1: @Christopher22: that’s the thing. and now, it’s gotten to the point that everyone is just gonna believe that he simply took advantage of them. so now, he’s done. the first one was suspect, because he’s had a shaky history. Cecil did significant damage to his career to the point where he stepped down. He was even talking with Dr. Drew the other night on CNN. So if he’s been “playing victim” the whole time, now it’s secured. TMZ was one thing but legitimate people that the public is more likely to believe is another. guy #3 here and anyone beyond him is just icing on the cake and the media is gonna have Clash’s head. For a WHILE no one is gonna look at Elmo without thinking about this, so it won’t matter if they got someone else to be the voice behind it. What’s worse is because Clash came out as a gay man, and the running pattern with these boys of not having a dad in their life and having an effeminate appearance and demeanor, the FRC and AFA are gonna have a BALL with this. no matter how it turns out, Tony Perkins and Bryan Fischer are gonna use play this up to their advantage completely to reinforce that crap belief of how gay people exist because of adults preying on children and fathers not being role models. I’m telling you all this as a fact not a belief. so at this point now, it won’t matter whether these guys are telling the truth or not. it won’t matter if they consented or if they were simply taken advantage of. the gay community is gonna have to deal with our leading homophobes taking this as it unfolds and running with it.

  • Christopher22

    @Cee: Doesn’t matter that the kids got on a website illicitly. Sex with underage kids is wrong/illegal even if they BEG for it. (If a teen begs for booze, is it ok to supply it?)

    “They aren’t victims,” you say? Have you met them? What’s their story? Why did these “STUNT QUEENS” wait years for the payday to their stunt?

    Can’t agree with the comparison with teen killers. While I don’t like trying them as adults, those teens were the predators. They committed a violent action, and barring evidence of mental illness or intoxication, they chose to kill.

    What I do agree with is that if these (now) young men are twisting the past, you are right, they set back the push for inclusion of gays in Society, and for the push against child abuse.

  • William Hooper

    I should be logged in as Guillermo3.
    What happened,

  • Charles

    How did the 28-year-old see a Emmy 12 years ago when he didn’t receive it until 2007…

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