Gay for pay

Thirst trap TikTokers called out for running separate gay and straight accounts

Image via TikTok (@alphahouseboys)

Queerbaiting is nothing new, but it appears a group of straight TikTokers may be pushing the concept to new heights.

Insider reports Several “creators” (we guess that’s what they’re called…) who are reportedly part of the “Alpha House Boys” group are being called out for operating dual TikTok accounts. They’re accused of claiming to be straight on their main accounts, and gay on their secondary ones.

It should be noted that one of the accused users has denied the accusations, saying he does indeed identify as gay.

Barrett Pall is a self-described queer life coach who regularly posts about homophobia and queer issues on his own TikTok account. Pall kicked off the accusations, posting a video to his account with screenshots of the fellow TikTokers’ dual gay/straight accounts.


I will not be making many more videos but this boils my blood. #fy #fyp #FerragamoLetsDance #DontSpillChallenge

? Spongebob – Dante9k

“I am so angry right now,” Pall says in his video. “There is a group of guys on this app that are friends and each one of them has their normal account and then they’re pretending to be gay to pander to an entire other audience and make money off of our lived experience.”

He added: “Pretending to be gay is possibly one of the grossest things on this app to make money, and we’ve seen a lot of gross things on this app.”

It was later observed that the Alpha House Boys’ Twitter bio links to the group’s OnlyFans page, featuring a rainbow pride flag and the promise of “Premium Guy on Guy Content” for the low, low price of $10 per month.

We think we’ll pass.

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