This Antigay Lawmaker Allegedly Threatened To Expose His Naughty Bits At Restaurant To “Prove” He Was A Man

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A conservative “family values” politician in North Carolina is accused of making lewd threats at a family restaurant over the weekend.

Fayetteville City Councilman John La Tour allegedly harassed a woman who he believed was trans (she wasn’t) then offered to show her his own shrived up penis to “prove” he was a man.

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On Saturday, Gavin Smith wrote a  Facebook post about the incident, which happened inside a local restaurant called Arsaga’s:

Yesterday fayetteville alderman John la tour ward 4 assaulted a dear friend in public demanding they choose a gender in a packed restaurant. He demanded she pick a gender declaiming loudly that he couldn’t tell if she was a man or a woman. She is not transgendered and does not in any way present any ambiguity about gender in any way. She’s a woman. He then explained that he was a man and could prove it by dropping his pants and showing his penis. That is bullying behavior and unacceptable on so many levels. Please call any news outlets you know and alert them to his “protests”. I doubt offering to expose yourself would be considered protected speech even by the right wing activist Dugger family who funded his campaign. He should be kicked out of office.

La Tour is a vocal opponent of any legislation that protects LGBTQ people in any way whatsoever. During his last campaign, he accepted a $2,000 donation from antigay reality stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, whose son Josh just finished a stint in sex rehab for molesting his younger sisters in their sleep.

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According to the Democrat-Gazette, the 60-year-old councilman confirmed that he was, indeed, at the restaurant where the alleged incident took place last Friday. According to him, however, he merely asked the woman to dance and she “misinterpreted” his comments.

“You can declare you’re a man or you’re a woman, whatever you want to. I’m not going to ask a man to dance with me,” La Tour claims he said, adding that his exact words to the woman were: “I am a man and I can prove it.”

He then suggested that he’s the real victim of this situation, saying he’s being unfairly targeted for being a Republican.

“They know I’m conservative; they’re terribly disappointed I’m on the City Council,” he said. “All that this is about is to discredit John La Tour and make him look like a buffoon.”

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