This Christian Mom Performing Her Transphobic Rap Song Deserves All Of Your Ridicule

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We weren’t aware that transphobia could be so hysterical, but apparently you learn something new every day.

In the most cringeworthy rap performance since Teen Witch worked her magic, Christian mom and “aspiring rap artist” MH Weibe decided to bust some decidedly transphobic rhymes. Apparently, Weibe is deeply concerned about Alberta’s decision to allow trans kids to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity and she decided to express it…through rap!

Seriously, check out some of these lyrics:

“I am a concerned mother of three/keep male and female washing rooms where our children can pee! Mothers and fathers, the back bone of society, why would we change legislation over notoriety. This is just a fender bender, all over sex and gender…Can we pick another issue than to change our bathrooms for a few?”

Yes, this is idiotic and stupid and she just made a complete fool of herself, but we personally cannot wait for the inevitable trap/techno remix. We know some of you out there can make this happen.

While you’re waiting, watch the original in all its awkward and awful glory below.

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