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This Christmas, Buy Your Man An Annual Underwear Subscription


We know of certain underwear fetishes that involve swapping worn (and sometimes soiled) briefs and thongs and panties with other like-minded individuals over the Internet. Some people go randy for this sort of thing. Others are disgusted. But there is another way to get a regular flow of underwear through the mail.

Via subscription.

Think of it as Netflix for your delicates, but you won’t be returning any of these. (You can, however, trade them with strangers over eBay.)

Having scored success with its “Sockscription” model, Zurich-based is expanding beyond Italian socks and into underwear. Co-founder Samy Liechti created the idea of charging an annual fee, and then delivering to members a three-times-a-year drop of fine foot garments. It only makes sense to move up the body and adapt the model for another wardrobe staple that needs constant replacing. (As yet, it appears the company is only targeting men. Sorry ladies, and panty-loving guys.)


An annual subscription starts at $87 — though if you’re in a bind, and your ex burned all your clothes in the street, you can get a one-time starter kit delivery of 10 pairs for $149 — and will keep you’re junk decked out “cotton/Lycra construction and a durable waistband that retains elasticity.” Of course, when it comes to gay men and their underwear, the look is just as important as price, which is why we’re pleased to see isn’t skimping on style. But no, this is no

For now, the selection is pretty slim, and we’d love to see some fresher options. And if we were running this business, we’d basically turn it into a subscription-based, where you get to choose, say, three Baskit briefs, two 2(x)ist jocks, and a handful of Andrew Christian boxer briefs for a certain fee — and pay more for access to Cocksox inventory.