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This Former Disney Actor Was Definitely Not Raped By Bryan Singer


“He had every chance to rape me but he didn’t” aren’t the most encouraging words of support that one would like to hear when facing sexual assault charges, but openly gay actor Matthew Smith chose them to speak out in support of the beleaguered Bryan Singer.

Speaking to TMZ, the former Wizards Of Waverly Place actor’s story is the exact opposite of accuser Michael Egan, who alleges that he was forcibly raped on multiple occasions by Singer and other Hollywood execs while underage.

Now 24, Smith claims to have met Singer in 2007 when he was 17 “through a friend” and that they “grew close” over the next 2 years.

One can only presume that the multiple chances that Singer had to rape Smith came up during that two-year friendship, but he insists that even though they were alone several times (once on a private jet), the X-Men director was always gentlemanly. Hey, he even invited Smith’s mom out to dinner before.

Generally when being accused of sexual assault against a minor, getting a He’s Really Not Rapey gold star from another minor the accused was jetting around with at the time isn’t at the top of the list of face-saving moves, but what do we know?

According to Smith, Egan is going to “get murdered in court.”