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This Former Disney Actor Was Definitely Not Raped By Bryan Singer


“He had every chance to rape me but he didn’t” aren’t the most encouraging words of support that one would like to hear when facing sexual assault charges, but openly gay actor Matthew Smith chose them to speak out in support of the beleaguered Bryan Singer.

Speaking to TMZ, the former Wizards Of Waverly Place actor’s story is the exact opposite of accuser Michael Egan, who alleges that he was forcibly raped on multiple occasions by Singer and other Hollywood execs while underage.

Now 24, Smith claims to have met Singer in 2007 when he was 17 “through a friend” and that they “grew close” over the next 2 years.

One can only presume that the multiple chances that Singer had to rape Smith came up during that two-year friendship, but he insists that even though they were alone several times (once on a private jet), the X-Men director was always gentlemanly. Hey, he even invited Smith’s mom out to dinner before.

Generally when being accused of sexual assault against a minor, getting a He’s Really Not Rapey gold star from another minor the accused was jetting around with at the time isn’t at the top of the list of face-saving moves, but what do we know?

According to Smith, Egan is going to “get murdered in court.”

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  • DCFarmboi

    I kinda agree. Bringing a 17 year old on your private jet? Creepy.

  • bnard620

    it doesn’t really mean anything other than this one person wasnt raped by the accused

  • xzall

    His testimony wasn’t very helpful. But I did see him on TMZ Live where he stated he came forward because he felt he had to because he has cancer. I’m not sure if it was terminal cancer, but he said while he was saying all his goodbyes he felt he needed to set the record straight about Singer.

    In his experience I guess Singer was always a gentleman and helped him in many ways like flying him out by private jet to see a sick relative. He claims Singer invited he & his mother to different things. He seemed sincere but really he just pretty much established that Singer hangs around with young teenagers.

  • gskorich

    17 is not so bad, in most countries outside the us its legal to have sex at 15 or 16, if thats what you like. when was 16, 17 i was sneaking into gay bars. who knows who i slept with, were they famous, who knows and who cares. i was having sex. what this egan guy was doing at these parties is the real question, what does this singer guys see in these young guys is his business, there are still people today who say michael jackson was not a perf, even though he had secret rooms in his house and paid out all that money when that kid could point his dick out in pictures.

  • Snapper59

    What a god awful statement to make. Do you know in some families there are multiple children and maybe three are treated well and the forth is horridly abused, starved, and beaten to the point of death? What an ass this guy is. I guess pedophilia just doesn’t happen in Hollywood, period.

  • QuintoLover

    That was EXTREMELY stupid of him to say. It reminds me of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia when the gang thinks that one of their members was raped by a gym teacher as a child and his friend who also knew the gym teacher wondered why HE didn’t get raped. Jesus. Just because YOU weren’t abused doesn’t mean someone else wasn’t.

  • Scribe38

    Listen I am way better looking than that other guy. If he didn’t rape me, surely he didn’t touch that plain looking dude. Lol

  • Billy Budd

    It must have been a delicious, wonderful rape, because he came back repeatedly for more.

  • Hillers

    @Scribe38: Lol That’s exactly the subtext I read. Ugh, what a Christ-awful little twat.

  • Zodinsbrother

    As with all such cases, as we have seen in the UK in recent weeks, they stand or fall on the credibility of the evidence of the accusing witness. If Egan has other people who verify his memory of events and he can prove Singer was in the places he said at the time he said then he will look credible. If Singer can prove that he was elsewhere at the times Egan said the attacks took place and provide witnesses which support his version then in a criminal case it would be very hard for any jury to convict. This is a civil case so, and this is critical, the burden of proof is lower. But still, if Egan can be proven to be wrong about time and place of even one of the alleged attacks then all his other evidence becomes tainted. Whatever the truth of the claims, the evidence of Singer’s location and on what dates will be critical.

  • jar

    Since he’s being forthcoming, I would be interested to know if he had a sexual relationship with Singer, at what age, and whether he ever attended any of these parties and observed the behavior Egan claims. Singer better go through his address book and tell other past paramours not to be so helpful.

  • jar

    @Zodinsbrother: I don’t see how this case ever gets to trial. It will be dismissed or settled before then for the simple reason that the plaintiff will call Singer to testify and will grill him about his parties and his relationships with young men.

  • Cam

    Proving you aren’t a pedophile by having somebody else talk about how “Close” he got to you when he was 17 isn’t the best way to go about it.

    Also, this kid was already famous, Singer wouldn’t have had the same leverage on him.

  • Eboe89

    Yeah the defense of “well he didn’t rape me,” isn’t exactly rock solid and is actually pretty offensive. On a side note, a search of recent pics of Matthew show that he hasn’t aged so well…just saying

  • theomorton

    ‘cuz it was consensual?

  • Billy Budd

    The guy’s testimony is just a way of telling people that Singer indeed fuc*s young boys, but that he is also a nice guy and treats them well, while the boys are with him.

    I believe this to be true.

  • Tackle

    Wow! He really did more harm than good by his statement. And it’s very telling on many levels. He states that at 17, Bryan Singer was flying him on private jets, and never tried to rape him. Maybe that’s because he was an easy piece of ass who did not resist. Also, since he opened his mouth, he had plenty of opportunity to say, ” not only did Bryan Singer not try to rape me, but we never had, nor did he try in anyway to have sex with me”. Dude by you NOT stating something like that, it’s obvious you guy’s had sex. I don’t think Bryan’s defense team is gonna be happy with this statement. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he is contacted by Bryan’s defense team, and kinda tweak his statement to more of their liking.

  • vive

    The title of this piece is a kind of defamation against someone who has not even been found guilty of anything to date. Queerty can be lucky the U.S. has weak libel laws.

  • Billy Budd

    @Tackle: Yes, it is obvious that they had consentual sex. What he is saying is that Singer doesn’t RAPE.

  • Tackle

    @Billy Budd: It seems that’s it obvious that Singer doesn’t rape if the underage male is willing. But if he resists, that can be a different story. And what this does establish, is that Singer will have sex with those underage. Even trying to get around the age factor by flying to States where the age of consent is lower.

  • DistingueTraces

    This is the only ex-hustler they could find to come to his defense?

  • Stache99

    @QuintoLover: ..or the football player who testify’s against Chris Kluwe saying the coach and teammates are the most non bigoted nicest people you’ll eve meet. Meanwhile you just know it’s complete BULLSHIT.

  • Billy Budd

    @Tackle: He resists, and is raped. And then he comes on a private jet to be raped once again. And again and again and again. I don’t think I will live to see a boy who spends so much effort in trying to be repeatedly raped.

    I don’t buy the RAPE accusation.

  • Stache99

    @Billy Budd: Yes we all know because you’ve stated for the last 1000 times.

  • Stache99

    This is almost unreal. Does the guy have any actual adult friends to come to his defense other then lawyers. This actually just helps Egan.

  • Billy Budd

    @Stache99: And I will continue to state the same thing, as long as necessary. Religions win their cases by repetition, haven’t you learned? :)

  • Stache99

    “According to Smith, Egan is going to “get murdered in court.”

    So far I seriously doubt that.

  • Stache99

    @Billy Budd: Yes just like I will continue to ignore your opinions religiously :)

  • Cam


    Please explain exactly what is libelous about the title of this piece.

  • xzall

    @Eboe89: Like I said in my post, Matt says he has Cancer. When he talked to TMZ he was feeling sick. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t ‘aged well’.

    Also he just claimed friendship with Singer and said he was always very nice to him. He did not imply they were ever lovers. He also mentioned a fiancé.

  • xzall

    And let me repeat my comment, Queerty is just repeating a headline from TMZ. He doesn’t actually say Bryan Singer didn’t rape me. He says Singer was a friend to him and helped him out whenever he needed it.

    In his actual comments Matthew said he wanted to make a statement. He’s very sick and he wanted to clear the air and not leave anything unsaid along with saying his goodbyes (I’m guessing that’s a just in case because of his cancer)

    I believe he’s sincere even if what he said didn’t really help Singer.

  • xzall

    Matt also has blogged about his illness. Some excerpts about his current new appearance:

    “take a look at a picture of my from two years ago, when I was healthy, happy, and 135 pounds – and take a look at recent pictures where I weigh 235 pounds, my skin is discolored, and I do NOT look the same.

    I dare you to tell me something isn’t wrong. Did I think I’d have cancer at 25 (26 in five days)? NO…. Did I think I’d be dealing with INTENSE stretch marks all over my body, or wearing heart monitors, or daily doctors visits or … days like yesterday when I feel like I’m almost dying? No…. but you know what?

    I’m not mad. I am GRATEFUL I have some days where I am feeling 60% good”

    So if you want to comment about how well he no longer looks or how he hasn’t aged well–well there you go.

  • Alton

    @Billy Budd: a 17 year old is not a “young boy”. A young boy is 5 or 6 years old. A 17 year old is a young MAN. And the age of consent in 30 states is 16, including in Hawaii, where the guy suing Singer claims they had sex. Singer may be a rapist, but he is not, as you are inferring, a pedophile.

  • Alton

    @Tackle: If the age of consent in the state where they had sex is “lower” than the age of the young man having sex, then he is, by definition, NOT “underage”.

    Getting kind of sick of all these hypocritical queens labeling Singer a pedophile, as if none of us had sex with anyone until we were over 18. It’s bad enough the breeders tend to paint all gay men as pedophiles, without us doing it to each other.

    You may find Singer skeevy for banging teenagers (and certainly if he is, in fact, a rapist), but there’s no evidence from anyone suggesting he ever banged anyone underage, let alone a child.

  • Billy Budd

    @Alton: I am not inferring he was a pedophile. I am not a native speaker and I use the word BOY for young men. I don’t believe he is a pedophile AND I don’t believe he is a rapist. Is that clear? The only thing he can be accused of, in my opinion, is not investing in “real” relationships and resorting to call boys (I mean, call adults) in order to have sex. He is probably familiar with recreational drugs, and may have made them available to the kids (I mean, young adults). That is also something questionable.

  • Tookietookie123

    @Alton: To you that might be a man, but state laws don’t dictate in this point. Singer took Egan to Hawaii and had sex with him there and took him back here to do the same, even though it was legal in Hawaii federal laws dictates that you cannot take a minor from your state to another state were they’re legal and if you do, then the FBI will step in since the federal age of consent is 18, not 17 or 16. Know the law before you break it.

  • Tookietookie123

    @Alton: Not all of us were sluts when we were underage, I waited until I was 18 to make that choice and I sure as hell didn’t sleep with anyone older than me, he was my age. As for other people saying that it’s ok since you used to sneak into gay bars to sleep with everyone inside, you make it seem like that’s normal, and it’s not, it’s disgusting.

  • Billy Budd

    @Tookietookie123: I really don’t see why a 17.5 year old having sex with a 30yo is disgusting, but a 18 year old having sex with a 30yo is absolutely normal.

    I really don’t undertand these double standards. I think it is hypocritical, arbitrary and quite ridiculous.

  • Billy Budd

    A period of 150 days will decide if you go to heaven or to hell.

  • QuintoLover

    @Cam: LMFAO he isn’t famous. He was a bit part on ONE episode of Wizards of Waverly Place as a Mannequin Selena Gomez brought to life to make her real boyfriend jealous.

  • QuintoLover

    @Tackle: Yeah, something tells me he was like in Love with Singer and wanted to do some sick sh*t with him to make him happy. He met his mom sounds like they were ‘dating.’ Singer probably let him go and said it was ‘distance’ that killed the relationship.

  • sejjo

    @Scribe38: I hope this is tongue in cheek. You do know that rape isn’t about sex, sexual attraction or even lust, right? It’s about anger, the need for power and to hurt another human being and humiliate them.

  • Cam

    @QuintoLover: said…

    “he isn’t famous. He was a bit part on ONE episode of Wizards of Waverly Place as a Mannequin Selena Gomez brought to life to make her real boyfriend jealous.

    Hmmm, wonder how he got that part.

  • Tackle

    @Billy Budd: Has it ever occurred to you that “if” this did happen, maybe the kid did not know he was being raped? Rape does not mean one has to be held down, beat-up, and have clothes ripped off. He said he buried a lot in his mind, and that he remembers being drugged, and given drug. And iif this started when he was 15, Bryan could have groomed hiim, having him believing this normal
    Ok behavior.

  • ernestmac13

    The reason we have age of consent laws is, young folks lack the experience, maturity, & education to make an informed decision. Its easy for an adult to manipulate & coerce someone underage, often by stroking their ego. Once the person has been manipulated into having sex, the adult then uses guilt, shame, etc, to keep the young person coming back. Lets remember that, the adult has all the power, not only do the have money, they have access to drugs & alcohol, have much more experience in life, which they can use against the young person. It isn’t uncommon for survivors to block out what happened to them, and slowly realize they were abused due to side effects of the abuse such as, night mares so severe they are called night terrors, self medication through drugs & alcohol, anxiety, insomnia, a tendency to lash out at authority figures or shut down. The symptoms are many & can very from person to person. Mental illnesses can even develop from being sexually abused. I was abused just once at the age of five by an adult stranger, & it took till my early 30s to begin dealing with it. The fact there are two allegations isn’t a good sign, of course its not the overwhelming red flag of multiple locks, alarms, & cameras, Michael Jackson had his bedroom door, but it does make one wonder. Anyone in the limelight Gay or strait knows they are under the scrutiny of the media & the public , so they had better conduct themselves accordingly. I hope these accusations are false,for i would hate to think any young folks were/are being so blatantly abused. If such wild parties are going on, one has to wonder if they are using safe sex, if not we could see AIDS pop up in some of these famous folks &the young folks they party with. This of course is not limited to Gay Hollywood, just look at the porn industry, this could be going on in strait Hollywood & big business too.

  • Tackle

    @Alton: Under the Mann Act in the United States, it is against the law to “transport” male or female under the age of 18 yrs, for the purpose of prostitution or sexual acts. So if that kids residents was in California, and he was 17 at the time, even if the legal age in Hawaii is 16, (if this is what happened) this is trouble for Bryan. But remember, according to this kid, this abuse started when he was 15.

  • redcarpet

    Queerty, you really REALLY should remove “forcibly raped”. Rape by definition is forcible. It sounds like Todd Akin.

  • redcarpet

    Paling around with a 17 year old? Innocent or not, it doesn’t help Singer’s case. It hints at a pattern of crossing that 18 year old line.

    Jesus why is this a thing?! There are plenty of lithe sexy 21 year olds. No one would give two shits if he had stuck to college age boys.

  • misterhollywood

    There just seems to be so much flying around about Singer right now that it is hard to know what is truth, what is made up and what is legit. It will be interesting to see how this pans out!

  • toberlin

    @Billy Budd:They wanna change the Prostitution Law in Germany this Year.The minimum age for legal prostitution will be changed from 18 to 21 years.In the entire european union the want harsher penaltys for sex offenders(“Grooming”etc.).That are Laws to protect young people better against abuse from all older people.Its not a straight vrs. gay law. A adult man who calls sex with a drugged and boozed Teen under that circumstances “consensual sex” is a joke.Teens often do not know what they do even without drugs. Some men here seem to have a narcissistic personality disorder. And the reason why the catholic church (and not gay men!) have such a rep as child abuser is: They don`t face the problem.

  • xzall

    @redcarpet: Queerty is using forcible rape to distinguish it from statutory rape which doesn’t have to include force and is just based on the age. Egan’s complaints states he resisted, said no and there was no consent given. He even claims that when he refused that Singer shoved his head under water and forced him to give him oral sex and then he was raped by Singer. The complaints he has against the other men are very similar and all have him saying no and resisting them at first.

  • redcarpet

    @xzall: Oh, ok.

  • Niall

    @Scribe38: Yes because we all know only the good looking people get raped.

  • Spike

    Something tells me that from Singer’s perspective, this doesn’t help.

  • Rusty

    @Billy Budd: You are so cool, I really love your posts.

  • Rusty

    @ernestmac13: I hope this note gets to you. Yes it’s all true. I met some young men who were raped over and over by men they knew. A couple became mentally ill and one still suffers from a lot of depression and has been on medication for years. I also saw the other side of the coin where a young man black mailed a man who didn’t rape him but had sex with him willingly and kept threatening the man to do things for him or he would tell. Yes men should be very careful who they go to bed with not only for their own sakes but for the sake of their victims.

  • WEBOne

    @gskorich: Actually, in quite a few countries it’s 12 with parental consent and the parents stop having a say when they reach 16… Age of consent laws didn’t apply to males in this country until the 1970’s…

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