This Gay Couple Is About To Have Three Babies With Three Different Surrogates

Luke and Daryl pose with their three surrogates.

Life is about to get three times more hectic for Luke Harris and Daryl Lee.

The gay couple from the U.K. is about to have not one, not two, but three kids. Simultaneously. With three different surrogates.

The couple first met in 1999. Both men had babies on their mind.

“We’re both from very close-knit families and I always thought I’d love to have children but it never even crossed my mind that it would be possible,” Luke told New York Daily News. “We thought we are gay, we are going to miss out on that chance in life.”

“We started to look into adoption,” he continued. “But then Elton John announced he had become a father in 2010 and I realized a gay person could have a baby, too. At first I thought he’s got mega bucks. It’s alright for him, but it’s not possible for us.”

Last year, they began looking into it. They learned that under U.K. law, surrogate mothers cannot be paid, though they are entitled to expenses of up to about $24,000. After realizing it wouldn’t be as expensive as they initially thought, the men began looking for potential mothers through various online surrogacy forums.

The first woman they met was Becky Harris, a three-time surrogate. At the time, she was three months pregnant with another couple’s child, so she referred them to her former sister-in-law, Bex Harris.

Bex agreed to carry the men’s child. Then she mentioned her friend, Viktoria Ellis, was also interested in becoming a surrogate mother.

Luke and Daryl figured “What the hell?” and reached out to Viktoria, who also agreed to carry a child for them.

Months passed. Then Becky called the guys back to say she’d given birth to the child she was carrying and was ready to help them out now.

“When we told our families we are having our first surrogate baby, they were so excited for us, as they know for the past 15 years we’ve dreamed of having a family of our own,” Luke told The Sun. “When we told them we were having a second baby they were amazed. And then, when we announced we’re actually having three babies of our own they were stunned but overjoyed.”

Two of the babies were conceived with Daryl’s sperm and one with Luke’s. All three babes are due within seven months of each other, between January and July of next year.

“We never imagined in our wildest dreams we would have three all at once,” Luke said.

“I’ve been blessed with two children of my own,” Victoria said. “It’s about wanting to help someone have a family of our own.”

“And none of us can think of two people more deserving of the joy of fatherhood,” Becky added.

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