This Gay Guy Really Has A Thing Against Being Gay; See His Epically Awkward Rant

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.51.00 PMBefore you take to the comments to call Joseph Martelli a bible-thumping, dumb-as-lint, self-despising gay scumbag, consider how sad of a disaster he actually is.

Yes, you’d be right to call him out (and I’m sure you can come up with much more creative insults), but to do so is really only throwing gas on a fire.

The really fascinating thing is to wonder how on earth he got to be the hateful, angry, sad human being that he is in this ranting mess of a video. Bad upbringing? Trauma? Untreated mental illness?

Whatever the case, he’s not doing so well — as evidenced in this video:

Oh, sorry that’s the one of him sharing his frisbee golf skills.

Here’s the one of him spewing homophobic bile outside of a porn shop in Niagara Falls:

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