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This gay swimmer just won another medal & he’s gunning for the Olympics

Louisville swimmer Nick Albiero showing off his championship rings.

Nick Albiero is a winner, baby.

The All-American swimmer was back on the winner’s podium over the weekend, taking home a silver medal for the Brazilian club team, MTC Natação, at the Brazil Swimming Trophy. The annual championship event features individual and relay-swimming events, and is one of the most notable in South America.

Overall, the team took home 21 medals–good for second place.

MTC Natação’s success was a sibling affair. Nick’s younger sister, Gabi Albiero, was also on the club. Just like her brother, she’s a championship swimmer at the University of Louisville (she’s the Kentucky state record holder in the 50-meter free style).

As Nick put it on Instagram, the Albiero’s collected six–yes, six!–medals in 14 races.

They came, and they ate!

In a celebratory post, Nick said this medal is one of the most important of his budding career.

“This was more than a medal,” he wrote, before thanking his coaches, including his father. “To the ones that reminded me health is always first. after the first day i didn’t think i’d have another chance to stand on this podium. not for me, but for them. i’m grateful for this experience – the good, bad, and ugly. thank you again to minas for giving me this opportunity.”

Nick and Gabi’s entrance in the championship competition came as a surprise. Their dad, Arthur Abieto, is head coach of Louisville’s men’s swimming team. He was born in Brazil, and holds dual citizenship.

Though the Albiero kids will represent the U.S. in international competition, their presence was a welcome addition to their club team.

Nick is one of the most decorated young male swimmers in the U.S. He’s a two-time NCAA champ, and won 12 national titles. His senior season, he became the third male swimmer in Cardinal history to win an NCAA title after winning gold in the 200-meter butterfly.

He’s also a five-time champion in one event, a rare feat.

With a resume like that, no wonder why he’s gunning for Paris 2024! Nick is only out gay swimmer on the U.S. national team.

Though he says he’s been out to friends and family for years, Nick publicly came out as gay in February. In a TV interview, he said he wants to show other young gay swimmers they’re not alone.

“I just want to make sure the kids like me around the world and in the United States are seeing someone that they feel represents them because, I never had that growing up,” he said. “I never had an out male swimmer who was doing the things that I’m trying to do. I never had that.”

Growing up, Nick attended a private, Christian high school, and says the anguish he experienced as a closeted teenager still impacts him today.

He doesn’t want other kids to go through the same experience.

“I think I’m still recovering from that,” he said. “I’ve gotten help. But, when you’re told who you are for so long, you lose yourself. I took some time away from swimming last year and just tried to figure out which end is up.”

Since coming out, Nick says the reaction has been nothing but positive–showing that gay people belong in the pool.

“That was something that was holding me back, because of the locker room talk and being on deck in a speedo, I didn’t want people to think of me differently or act differently around me,” he said. “It held me back. But I haven’t received anything negative at all.”

Since coming out, Nick is a new man–just ask his sister. Gabi says her older brother is brimming with confidence.

“I remember around the time when he was deciding to come out to everyone else, just the way his personality shifted,” she said in a recent joint interview with Nick. “You could almost see the outward transformation from this weight being lifted off of him, and he can be just be completely who he is.”

These days, Nick has a lot to celebrate–both in and out of the pool. He also has a sponsorship deal with the swimwear company, Tyr.

The Olympic hopeful is taking off, and we can’t wait to see where his star leads next.

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