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This Go-Go Boy Doesn’t Want To Stop Dancing For You

GoGoS2When Go-Go Boy Interrupted began airing on YouTube last year, the balls-out uproarious web series immediately went viral. Developed by writer-actor Jimmy Fowlie, the show follows a West Hollywood go-go boy named Danny Carter, who at the age of 30 has been deemed over the hill and fired from the club he has danced at for the past nine years. After a hilarious seven-episode season, Fowlie and the other members of Go-Go Boy Interrupted’s creative team, Jordan Black and Brian Jordan Alvarez, have been busy pitching the show to networks. While they continue to do that, they have decided to move forward with a second season of the online series for the supportive viewers who have been asking for more escapades from the interrupted go-go boy.

With his failed attempts at babysitting and AA behind him, the upcoming season will see Danny continue his quest to try and reclaim his former glory in West Hollywood’s gay scene. He’ll explore the possibilities of doing gay porn, give dating a try and make an effort to broaden his horizons by listening to NPR. The cast of the first season will return along with new additions such as comedienne Fortune Feimster, Broadway star Nick Adams and Willam Belli.

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GoGoGroupS2KSAlthough partial funding for season two has already been secured, Fowlie and his team have turned to Kickstarter to raise the rest of the money in the hopes of producing Go-Go Boy Interrupted properly. Before you go rolling your eyes and scoffing at another crowdfunding endeavor, you should know that backing this project comes with some pretty interesting perks. Aside from the usual reward packages that get offered in these types of campaigns, there are options that allow backers to go out on a date with a cast member from the show. The eligible men featured in these rewards include Dakota Greene, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Nick Adams and even the go-go boy interrupted himself, Jimmy Fowlie. There are also a few rewards that will fly out a “go-go boy helper for the day.” Doesn’t that sound delicious? It’s almost as if they sensed the void that now exists in the aftermath of the shutdown.

While we wait patiently for more Go-Go Boy Interrupted, rewatch the first season’s seven episodes below (they’ll autoplay after the teaser and are slightly NSFW):