This Grindr Ballad Perfectly Captures The Sensitive Hopeless Romantic’s Plight


“Where have all the gentlemen gone, and where can they be found?” Cabaret crooner and Grindr user George Hicks softly laments while strumming his ukulele.

Hicks’ latest track “The Grindr Song” and its accompanying video examine the very real struggles many hopeless romantics go through when looking for true love on the popular hookup app.

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“Lately, in the dark I have been lurking–on my smartphone I have been hunting, searching, scouring my little orange screen of glee,” Hicks sings. “For a man I have been yearning, my heart it has been burning–where is the one to simply adore me?”

Words we can all relate to, right?

Check out the witty jingle below…