This Guy Tried To Buy Sex With A Salad; It Didn’t Go So Well

Salad-for-sex-swap-offer-leads-to-arrest-by-undercover-Daytona-Beach-police-officerIt’s one of the oldest pickup lines in the book — “I’ll give you a salad from Applebee’s if you blow me.”

Works for me every time, especially if I add grilled chicken and a miso dressing. And that’s not a euphemism.

But unfortunately for Alonzo Liverman of Daytona Beach, FL, all he got for his leafy greens were a short stint in jail and a $500 fine when he propositioned an undercover police officer with the deal.

It was all part of a reverse prostitution sting operation by the Daytona police force, which seems like a waste of time, energy and money if you ask me.

So the guy wanted a BJ for a salad, what’s the big deal?

At least he’s promoting good nutrition.

Via Orlando Sentinal