This Guy’s Dream Was To Paint With His Penis On Live TV. And He Made It A Reality.

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If art is meant to make us question the world around us, then Brent Ray Fraser is a bona fide Leonardo da Vinci.

The painter works with a familiar medium — paint and canvas — but his, ahem, tools, vary from the norm.

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And by that we mean his penis. He paints with his penis.

Fraser recently appeared on France’s Got Talent to show off his, for lack of a better word, talent, by penis-painting one of the show’s judges. Ballsy move!

We have to wonder if the other judges felt shafted.

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The crowd. Went. Wild. Although it’s a bit tough to separate the shock value from the actual degree to which anyone was impressed.

Watch below:

Brent Ray Fraser performs on France Got Talent 2015 from Brent Ray Fraser on Vimeo.