Which Cities Boast The Handsomest Guys? This Handy Infographic Will Let You Know (Or Maybe Not)

Thinking about moving? Before you do, be sure to check out this handy new infographic from GroomingLounge.com.

Billing itself as “the nation’s premier resource for men’s grooming,” the site tried to figure out which cities in America boast the “most handsome” men using the following extremely superficial criteria: amount spent on personal care services per man, personal care products , shaving, apparel, and fitness (based on a report from the American Fitness Index).

You may notice a trend here. Handsome is most associated with how much money one has to spend on personal appearance. Ah, which of course in our book basically makes people generally over groomed and, well, actually less attractive.

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“While handsomeness may be subjective,” the website says, “the criteria in this survey measure the men in each city’s commitment to appearance.”

So which is the “most handsome” city of them all? Researchers found that the guys in Seattle spent the most money on personal care items annually (approximately $3,413). They also spent the most on shaving needs and the second most on services and apparel. San Francisco came in at a close second followed by Washington, D.C. in third. If you are spending almost 4k per year on grooming, you might want to reconsider your priorities, boys.

Not surprisingly the results measured how much disposable income men have, with very little relation to actual handsomeness.

Which other metropolitans made this superficial cut? Check out the infographic below to see…