This Is An 8-Minute Video Of Reichen Lehmkuhl Saying His Catholic Prayers Before Bed

“This gonna be the first time in the history of my life that I’m going to say goodnight … to anyone who’s watching.” Call up the Guinness folks stat, because that sounds like a record! And so begins an eight-minute video, recorded last night, of A-List: New York star Reichen Lehmkuhl showing off his nighttime routine, which includes saying his prayers (also a first! on video!) In addition to the people suffering in Japan, Reichen hopes god blesses all the contestants on American Idol, his own show, and his handlers. So: priorities. Now doesn’t it feel like you’re Rodiney, laying right next to him in bed?

[flv: 650 400]

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  • Brian

    I’m sure that’s not the first time in his life he’s been on camera in his own bed….

  • One of the CA 36,000

    Leave the poor people in Japan out of this, Reichen. Haven’t they suffered enough?!?!?

  • gregger

    @Brian: that!!!

  • justiceontherocks

    Is this another April Fool’s joke?

  • Christopher

    Glad you got my “tip” Queerty. He does this everyday. You can also watch him exercise LIVE if you so desire.

  • Hillers

    It’s more bearable with the sound off.

  • Raul

    Come oooon… He is very cute and sweet. I love him bitches. leave my cutie alone.

  • Soupy

    Like OMG Raul! Are you a tween gay?

  • TJ

    When will this vapid, untalented, idiotic douche going
    to stop terrorizing the gay community?

  • Oprah

    Here we go again-the woes of Reichen again? Gee, does he really sleep?

  • Oprah

    oh i meant to say, the woes of Reichen’s anus! LOL

  • dpbfeb

    I was so cool with it until he started naming celebrities and his people.

  • Todd


  • Superman

    God bless you too, Reichen.

  • Robbie K

    And god bless Jimmy, Mary and the baby Jeebus…
    Reichen God called and well he laughed

  • B

    Well, it is April 1. Is he having fun with people?

  • dra

    it doesn’t take an april fools joke to realize this guy is a complete douchebag

  • SteveC

    “I’m gonna say my prayers”

  • Someone who knows

    Did he thank god for the anal warts he gave rodiney that he gave all my friends in Atlanta? I didn’t think so.

  • alan brickman

    And he’s still good looking…stop eating your jealous and hit a gym already!!

  • Truthful

    @alan brickman:

    too bad there’s no gym for his hideous face.

  • rodrigo

    Goodness gracious, I don’t think I have ever met (well I have never met him personally but you know what I mean) someone as self centered, ridiculous and with so little self respect. Seriously, “this is the first time I am going to be saying my prayers LIVE!” wow…okay you are obviously running out of things to share. What’s next, “I am going to take a dump..LIVE!”. Quite frankly, this is a great example of what over sharing and a huge ego look like.

  • Shannon

    THIS is a JOKE!! And this guy is not cute

  • Trent

    Well other than saying the Sign of The Cross — none of that was Catholic and the Sign of The Cross isn’t a prayer. Next time he should start recording AFTER his minimum number of viewers have logged on.

  • Soupy

    Can’t he pray for a good writer?

  • Soupy

    Sorry, pay for a good writer?

  • B

    Re No 26, and No 27: One reason to pray for a good writer
    is that you just paid for what you hope is a good writer!
    And that prayer will be just as effective as a 10 year old’s
    prayer (after taking a geography test) that Los Angeles is the capital of California.

  • Tony

    GAYS !!! we can do better….MUCH !!

  • itdoesntgetbetter

    Reichen is such an egomaniac who now has the deep need to be seen, he’s resorting to iphone’ing himself to strangers and inflicting himself on the gay community on facebook and twitter?! WHEN THE HELL WILL HE GO AWAY?
    So he was a pilot, an author, a speaker, a model, and now he’s praying for his bazillionth career?
    God bless his agent? His agent let him take a show like the AList that showed what an insecure trainwreck he is vs. what a few people may have thought is a speaker and role model. Cuckoopuffs!!!

  • Eric

    What the fuck does he need an assistant for???

  • Soupy

    He needs to stop praying to god and ask the wizard for a brain.

  • Reichen's future husband

    Awww, bless his heart!

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