This Is Barack Obama’s First Attempt To Get Elected Student Council President Next Year

Did you guys know Barack Hussein Obama wants to extend his dictatorship over the United States of Funemployment? But this was his plan all along. Knowing that if you let him host four more LGBT-inclusive Easter Egg Rolls beginning in 2013 that he would spend some of his political capital on your rights, Obama planned to ignore you guys during his first term. But then you tweeted your fury and chained yourself to the gate in front of his house and he had to make some last minute, calculated decisions to throw you a couple bones. So here comes his first re-election campaign video, where even people who don’t agree with him — but respect and trust him — are encouraged to cast their vote his way.

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  • Pascal

    You’re right, McCain would have been SO much better.

  • Greg

    @Pascal: Haha, Agreed. Obama was our best option. He’s doing fine, and you cant just roll in the white house and raise the rainbow flag.

  • disco lives

    Barack Obama won by 7 points in 2008. A surprisingly high 28 percent of gay voters voted for anti-gay candidate John McCain.

    So it’s possible that he could have won even without getting a single gay vote.

  • Daez

    @Pascal: One was a flip flopping conservative and the other was John McCain. Tough call! However, Obama is going to have a very tough sell this election cycle.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Obama is not a conservative. Far from it. he has the classic liberal view of government.

    As for his reelection chances, against any of the declared or publicly thinking about it GOP candidates, he wins a minimum of 35 states.

    Final point that you’d think it wouldn’t be necessary to make: relative to any other president, Obama has been gay-friendly. Not perfect, but light years better. That gets him pints not just with the 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 per cent of Americans who identify as gay, but with a whole progressive group of voters.

  • tjr101

    He’ll be reelected simply because any of the potential Republican nominees are unelectable and quite frankly revolting!

  • Jeremy


    Thirty-five states? He won 28 in ’08 and will be lucky to get 25 in ’12.

  • Markie-Mark

    He might or might not win. But I won’t be voting for him. When he appealed the Massachusetts fed court ruling against DoMA and requested a stay so he could continue to enforce DoMA I vowed to never vote for a democrat every again. Bye-bye.

  • rgallagher

    Any Gay Person that does not support him is a fool. Let’s see, Country was losing over 600,000 jobs a month, Banks Failing, Housing values dropping in half…. This is what he had to deal with his first 10 months in office??? He ENDED “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Is going after DOMA, passed Health care changes, which may I remind everyone, was attempted by almost every President since Nixon. Stop your WHINING! He has done MORE for gay people than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. Tell your unfounded complaints to a mirror people. What??? He didn’t get to everything you wanted yet??? Well maybe he should have used his “Magic Wand” or “Rubbed A Lamp” to get everything you want finished in the 2 short years he’s been in office.

  • Schteve

    @rgallagher: He hasn’t ended DADT. It’s still current law. And even after everyone signs off on the repeal (whenever that might be), it just means we revert to the state of things in 1992 where there was no law on the matter. Nothing legally stops a future president from reinstating Department of Defense policies prohibiting gays from serving.

    Sure he’s done more than any other president, but that’s simply because the bar has been set so low. I mean, look at what our previous presidents have done. Bush endorsed a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Clinton signed DOMA into law. Frankly, Obama could have done more for gays by simply not doing anything! But no, you seem to think it’s amazing that he has done the few things any Democratic candidate would have likewise done, and somehow he stands out because of that.

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