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    OMG, that is so funny! Is there room in the back for me, they look like they are having a blast!


  • ChristopherM

    That looks like a good ass time.

  • kevin

    I know what you mean. I saw this a couple weeks ago and it put me into an absolute trance. I watched it for like – I dunno – 20 minutes. And I have ADD!!

  • Kari b

    (as Wake Me Up Before You Go GO plays on the jeep soundsystem. It’s from Zoolander, right?

  • marco Channing

    Someone please post the link to this.

  • ryandavis

    I have no idea where it was posted originally!

  • rae

    gasoline fight!!!

  • emb

    Utterly. Brilliant.

  • abelincoln

    marco channing etal

    If you right click your mouse on it and pick Properties from the popup menu you will see the link which I have pasted here:

    If you want to save a copy, at your own risk, right click (with your mouse button) on the image and pick Save as from the menu. On a Windows PC it plays in the native image viewer.


    What a great ad this would make.
    As the economy tanks and our enemies celebrate so does Obama, Biden and Omarosa Michelle.

    Hillary isn’t on the ticket so I see no reason for her being there.

  • Blayne


  • Mr C


    Ya’ll late. Jasmyne Cannick had this about 2 months ago. It’s so funny and cute!

    Loves it!

  • jack jett

    watching this makes me want to smoke winston cigarettes and snort coke.

  • JJJJ

    Makes the four of them look like clowns. Worse than the pancake box “jokes.”

  • jules

    Wow…I haven’t been on this site in months. Church Lady, oh yeah that’s why. Good job with that registration thing Queerty.

  • James

    “Omarosa Michelle” :-) Church-lady, you should at least try to be subtle with your racism. Won’t hurt ya.

  • CitizenGeek

    Yeah, Andrew, you’re just being a complete and utter douche with your consistent refusal to ban Churchill-y and get rid of his repugnant racism. Difference of opinion is good, but there’s a difference between that and racism.

    Stop acting like a moron, Andrew, and ban Churchill-y and whomever else is posting racist comments. It’s really gone beyond tolerable by this stage.

  • HL

    So mesmerizing….

  • Ray Rodriguez

    The day after the general election? Cool!

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