This Is How The White House Will Cement Obama’s Name In History Books As The DADT Killer

In the White House’s latest attempt to control the Don’t Ask Don’t tell propaganda machine, it has released this EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS of last week’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal signing. It’s almost enough to distract you from the fact that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, uh, has not been repealed. 12/12/10: Never forget.

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  • Blackjack44

    just because it hasnt been implemented doesnt mean its hasnt been “repealed”. Give the man a fucking break queerty, you rode his ass for 2 years about being slow to repeal it and now its signed and sealed and waiting for delivery, everyone knows you cant do that over night.

    Yes he will be known as the president who repealed dadt whether anyone likes it or not. Sometimes you guys are like fox news when it comes to obama,soon as he does one thing right you move on to grilling him about the next instead of giving him credit for what hes done already that everyone bitched about. by this time next year gays will be serving openly and thats something everyone can be proud of.

  • reason

    @Blackjack44: What it really comes down to is jealousy and anger. A lot of people in the blog-sphere feel that they are responsible for repeal and are angry that they will not be in the history books, hence they lash out at anybody that is getting the credit. As if demonizing everyone that actually worked for repeal and trying to turn the GBLT community on the people that were working to get this done actually helped out the process. The site lashes out at anyone that has actually made it whether it is POTUS, gay rights organizations, Justin Bieber, or an athlete.

  • Mike k

    Bullshit. that guy had nothing to do with it. DADT went down in spite of Obama not because of him.

  • Devon


    Blah blah blah…

    Defend the Dear Leader’s half-assed repeal (one that doesn’t include any sort of non-discrimination language or benefits for gay spouses) once DADT is actually repealed and not just “repealed,” waiting for the military to decide it’s the right time to implement equalish rights.

  • tjr101

    Ughh, some people just live to bitch about any and everything. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Mike k: “Bullshit. that guy had nothing to do with it. DADT went down in spite of Obama not because of him”

    @Devon: “Defend the Dear Leader’s half-assed repeal”

    It appears a lot of people worked on repealing DADT, and, like it or not, Obama counts among them.

    The gay deniers seem almost as bad as the birthers. They too refuse to acknowledge facts.

    Almost makes me wish McCain and Palin had won. Then you would really have overwhelmingly valid reasons to majorly bitch…..

  • Raj

    Don’t you people get it? Obama’s strategy for DADT’s repeal was right. He didn’t have the votes or military support for the repeal until the study was completed and issued. Obama had the Secretary of Defense and the head of the Joints Chiefs lobbying hard for DADT. Do you think that happened magically?

    As for the delays in enforcement, that actually mimics, to some degree, the same delays that we saw in Harry Truman’s signing of the executive order that “ended” segregation in the military.

    No, Obama is not perfect. Yes, he did need to be pushed to get this done. But, he signed the thing.

    As is patently obvious to anyone who reads blogs or watches the news, McCain, the other presidential candidate is the leading voice against DADT in Congress. Imagine if he were president, do you think this bill would have been signed or made its way through Congress at all?

    Do you think the Matthew Sheppard-James Bird Hate Crimes legislation would have taken place under McCain?

    Again, I don’t pretend that Obama is perfect. He’s just a hella lot better than the alternative.

    Instead of whining about DADT, why are gays not in the military focused now ENDA? Remember, there is no federal law that prevents discrimination nationally. If anything, I would question why gays and the president didn’t get ENDA passed first since that would have given the most protection to the most people fastest.

  • reason

    @Raj: Plus he had his personal political arm organizing for america working day and night on DADT. They collected and delivered several hundred thousands petitions to members of congress and on their most productive day they got over 350,000 people to call there representatives and senators which is extraordinary.

    EDNA was not done first because gay inc. demanded DADT be done first. The administration originally wanted to push EDNA as part of their economic agenda.

  • Markie-Mark

    The only reason that the DA/DT “repeal” was passed was because the military did not want to set the precedent of submitting to a civilian court (the LCR suit). But if that suit is dismissed (probably will be) then there will be 6 lawsuits against the Obama administration (2 of which Obama is appealing because he lost).

    It certainly is good that DA/DT was “repealed.” But it would have been preferable to have the court ruling end the law.

  • Obama


    OFA rocked it on DADT these last weeks. President Obama let the tax cuts for the rich go so DADT would not die in its last chance. He outraged the far left on taxes to do the right thing.

    Lots of watery eyes.

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