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  • terrwill

    At 1:01 it seems Johnny B. Hard Looks like Johnny qWeir gots someting pretty large to pirouette on!! : P

    (thats if he was gay, of course…………. : p)

  • Mike L.

    Um yeah it seems that the title of this article is right on.

    Ps I loved the intro at the end. And yeah Johnny looked hot.

  • Cam

    Right at the end, right before the screen went blank and then came back with the entrance to the show….did he say “Oh Daddy!”?

  • TommyOC

    How did Johnny Weir make being an Olympian a super-sexy thing to be?

    Yeah, granted, Olympians are sexy in their very nature, but most of them lack personality outside of their lust for gold.

    Johnny… here’s an athlete with personality!

  • fredo777

    haha “touching me…and wanting me to succeed”.

    yeah, he’s hotter than i thought when judging by other images/video of him in the past.

  • Marc

    “did he say “Oh Daddy!”?”


  • romeo

    Yeah, he said “oh daddy!” LOL Why do we keep saying he’s not out? BTW, I’m not into feet, but he has nice ones. You’d think those skates would get his feet all banged up. Looks like baby needs to find a boyfriend fast. Probably will now that he’s not competing anymore.

  • kyshra

    im sure he is a botoom and adam lambert is a top …….go for it

  • ROBinNYC

    That’s the best pedicure I’ve ever seen!!!

    Well played, Lady Weir.

  • Lukas P.

    @kyshra: no haha khyrsa your the botoom haha and no one wants 2 b ur topp

  • romeo

    Kyshra, Johnny’s a neat freak and Adam leaves his make-up all over the bathroom. Sorry to say, I think the fight’s would be epic. LMAO !

  • terrwill

    @romeo: A fight to the bottom : p

  • Andy

    Monday’s episode is available to watch now if you have Sundance ON DEMAND. I watched it last night. Earlier in the show Johnny is shown getting in the shower, naked from the back. Very nice.

  • romeo

    @Andy: Did you see the show where he pulls down his pants from behind and flexes his butt muscles. VERY VERY NICE.

  • Ogre Magi

    You just know he is a little wildcat in bed!

  • Bianca

    ROFL, I just love this boy.

    Hummmm, what machine is that exactly? Just wondering….

  • romeo

    “Just wondering” my ass Bianca. We all know what you have in mind. LOL

    As for Johnny, a guy could do worse. True, he’s got expensive tastes, but he likes to clean house and cook. He’s cute. Nice body. Seems like he’s got some sense. Shit, man.

  • Bianca

    Queerty, my last post/link needs a new topic of it’s own (if there isn’t one already and I missed it).

    I’m fuming!!!

  • B

    No. 7 · romeo wrote, “LOL Why do we keep saying he’s not out?”

    Is gaydar malfunction a suitable reason? Seriously, though, why should anyone have to say that he’s gay given a video like that!

  • MuscleBoy

    He´s an idiot.

  • Jaybird

    THIS. For the Win. This is classic Johnny TMI. I love this boy. I have been watching this over and over and over, because it’s indecently humorous. Takes the mind right off an achy belly, that’s for sure.

    He needs to get rid of Galina so he can get laid, for serious. Poor baby.

  • Robin

    Hey All,

    Want to show your support for Johnny and give Smuckers the finger? Join in sending him flowers on April 1st at his show in Bensenville, which will also be the U.S. premiere of his Bad Romance routine! Details on our group’s Facebook page:

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