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This Is Just a Terrific Transformation From A Suicidal Young Man To A Happier Trans Woman

“Two years, some hormones, and 170 lbs later.” That’s the headline Reddit user UsagiMimi used when posting this image of herself. The transformation is self-evident. Not as clear is the emotional rollercoaster she undoubtedly went through — which is why you need to read the comments UsagiMimi has been leaving amidst the torrent of replies. “[I]t was deciding to come out and deciding to give being who I really am a try after years of telling myself that I couldn’t, that I was too ugly. My ex didn’t help either by saying I was too ugly, too tall, et cetera. She was actually trans so… Yeah, she was a bitch!” Adds one commenter: “You are a beautiful woman. I just want you to know that.” And on that note, I’d like to point you to Tom Forrister’s transition, where he went from being in an invisible union with a woman to a federally recognized opposite marriage.

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