“This Is So Not Over,” Promises Boxer On Proposition 8

Gay activists aren’t giving up on gay marriage, and neither is Barbara Boxer!

The California Senator promised supporters yesterday that the fight is not over:

Boxer said that despite fellow Democrat Barack Obama’s historic presidential win and gains in both the U.S. House and Senate for her party, Prop. 8 “put a damper effect” on her election night.

“This is so not over,” Boxer said at a Wednesday press conference held jointly with California Democratic Party chairman Art Torres. “The fight for equality goes on and on. The fight for a more perfect union goes on and on.”

Boxer pointed out that all the votes still had to be counted. She also suggested the fight might go back to the courts.

“There may be some inconsistencies with our law and our constitution still, so there will be legal challenges that will move forward,” she said.

And, hopefully, so will gay rights.