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  • Skyler

    Would it have killed them to atleast have put NYC in the right place? Gosh. Seriously though, that was pretty horrible.

  • Skyler

    Would it have killed them to at least have put NYC in the right place? Gosh. Seriously though, that was pretty horrible.

  • Steve

    Wow. Someone went to a lot of effort there. It kind of felt like “GTA: Anti-muslim controversy”

  • Alex James

    So funny! This video is as good as the Japanese CGI video about Tiger Woods crashing his SUV. If I were a living in Japan and watching this video I would think Americans are so stupid. This Muslim community center issue just shows how under educated Americans are and how easily Americans are manipulated by Fox news.

  • Doug

    Speaking of stupid, Taiwan is not part of Japan it is part of China.

  • Alex James

    @Doug: It would totally make sense that this is Taiwanese video since they make all of the video games. The poor bastard who created this probably has two jobs to make ends meet, one developing Grand Theft Auto, and the other at the news agency making graphics.

  • Nick Farben

    @Alex James: Taiwan is a rich and prosperous country with a huge middle-class. Only a tiny percentage (less than 1%) of Taiwanese live below the poverty line. It is unlikely that they would need 2 jobs unless it was casual employment like waiting tables. Trust me, I have gone on my business trips to Taiwan and the people have a lot of disposable income and love holidaying in Japan and South Korea, hanging out in malls, that sort of stuff. Even regular ‘poor’ people go on holidays, it’s bizarre.

    @Doug: I wouldn’t say Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan is completely autonomous from China in every possible way except in name. They have their own government, president, de facto embassies, flag, economy, currency, etc. While China claims ownership of Taiwan, they do not represent them diplomatically anywhere, so Taiwan is de facto sovereign. It is a travesty that a country with 20+ million people, a sizeable army and a higher GDP than most countries still has no representation in the UN. I had to cancel my trip to Taiwan a couple of years back because there was a chance that Taiwan was going to declare formal independence and China would declare war on them. Crazy stuff.

  • Doug

    @Nick Farben: I said it was part of China (which it is). I did not say that it was part of The Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Taiwan is also know as The Republic Of China (ROC). The Island may have little to do with the mainland and their politics, but they are none the less Chinese. Sorry for any confusion I caused with the briefness of my last comment.


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