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  • Cam

    The HORROR of having a woman sleeping that close to him seems to be on his face. lol

  • scott ny'er

    Ok. I saw some of that telecast. And it’s really charming seeing how giggly, school girl Anderson gets around Kathy. Kathy just keeps making these embarrassing jokes about Anderson and he keeps giggling and smiling. It’s adorable.

  • John

    @Cam: I think it has more to do with her packets of food piled on top of him, as well as how close her left hand is to certain nether regions…

  • Cam


    Or perhaps the smell of whatever hair product it is that keeps her hair that color.

  • Bob

    Anderson is always so blatant about expressing his disgust when Kathy Griffin or Kelly Ripa start pawing on him. He likes them both, but just don’t take it too far.

  • Jezebel Spirit

    They are the most adorable couple on television today.

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