This Land is Gay Land


Okay, so we know this is a gay blog and all, but we have a question: how do you folk feel about gay business owners banding together to fight the good fight?

We ask because we came across a story over at The Advocate about a group of Florida real estate professionals who’ve formed a group called the Gay Real Estate Executive Network.

While we’re not exactly sure what it is that they do, we gather that they provide support – both emotional and economic – to fellow members and work to spread the gay real estate gospel. The Advocate reports:

The titular head is Donald Geikie, a Realtor with Michael Saunders & Co., who describes GREEN’s goal as supporting one another in the quest to “sell more houses and make more money.” At the meeting, Geikie serves as moderator and cheerleader.

While there are undoubtedly some “greenie” advantages, some people may argue that so-called gay economics only distances gays from mainstream society. (You can guess where we stand.) So, beautiful readers, tell us what you think: should gays primarily support gay business or should we spread the love to the rest of our struggling nation?

(By the by, the house pictured is George Michael‘s love shack with Kenny Goss. Notice the bushes. Loverly.)