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This Las Vegas Gay Cabaret Club Could Be Yours If The Price Is Right

If you’ve ever been to the pit of hell that is the Las Vegas Strip, then you know there’s a serious lack of gay nightlife options. Another night at Krave? Ugh. So perhaps you — and the townies — were excited to here about the opening of Secret Nightclub & Cabaret in August, which promised 15,000-square-feet of adult-oriented entertainment. (Read: strippers.) Except all must know be going so well, because owner Paul Anderson, who took over the space once known as Velvet Lion Gentlemen’s Club, has put the venue up for sale … via press release. There’s no listed asking price, but I’m sure it could be yours for a low seven-figure sum. Or you could just head over to the Bellagio and blow that sum on the high stakes poker table and save enough for a hooker in your room later that night, because really, isn’t that why you buy a gay club? For the unlimited access to lithe young bodies?