This Lesbian’s Boss Thinks She’s Too Ugly To Sexually Harass

During her 14 months working at People’s Choice Realty in Brooklyn 23-year-old Priscilla Agosto says her male co-workers exposed themselves, rubbed up against her, asked for oral sex, and offered $500 to watch her have sex with her girlfriend. She said she complained to her supervisors but they did nothing. When a co-worker finally slapped Agosto across the face, she quit and eventually filed sexual harassment charges.

In response, company owner Odelia Berlianshik said, “Who would touch her? She’s an ugly girl anyway. She made up a story because she didn’t want to work.” Berlianshik also said that the person who slapped Agosto “apologized and offered to buy her lunch,” which totally makes it OK.

Agosto’s lawyer Brendan Chao says that another ex-employee backs up Agosto’s claims.