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This Little Girl Will Kick Your Ass If You Pick On Gay Kids, You FCK

Oh goodies! Cussing-inclined activist Luke Montgomery is following up his financially successful effort to outfit America in FCKH8.com tees (with the help of adorable swearing children) with an anti-bullying campaign. See, it’s not just enough to tell Americans not to hate on gay marriage. You gotta remind them, with selectively removed vowels, that it’s not okay to hate on gay kids either. Is “Straight Against H8” the new “Legalize Gay”? [Video has some NSFW language]

Oh, and there’s also a calendar. Featuring hot guys. Straight ones. Who don’t like it when you hate on their gay friends. Because The Gays can’t do activism without making everything about sex.

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  • Ron

    I’m not sure I’m liking all the fucking swearing!

  • Red Meat

    @Ron: Fuck you! :)

    I love the kids swearing, so cute.

  • Daveny

    * sigh* must we always be in our underwear?

  • Red Meat

    @Daveny: I think they said every guy that was naked was straight but they probably had gay guys there too.

  • j

    @Daveny: Yes please.

  • gray hunt

    talk about hate, oooozing from this disgusting video. It has set the gay agenda back at least a decade…..no wonder Obama has abandoned the gays.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Bwah, the Liam Kyle Sullivan cameo made this.

  • Max Campbell


  • Red Meat

    @gray hunt: Yawn.

  • Michael

    Whenever people resort to using kids or animals to sell a totally unrelated product, it means something is really wrong with the product.

  • Kev C

    Children with foul mouths are so trashy. It may be common but it’s still ghetto.

  • Red Meat

    @Michael: Oh thanks for labeling my rights as a product to sell. They are selling merchandise to raise money for gay suicide prevention this makes it a nonprofit business AKA charity. As for the kids, they have everything to do with the issue at hand. This is affecting youth more than your old gay ass.

  • Jeepers

    I agree Kev C. It’s certainly taking the low road.

  • Ryan

    Okay, I actually laughed out loud when the announcer went “Spread this like Herpes!”.
    And indeed, Kelly’s appearance upped the ‘Fuck Yes’ factor.

  • Unclear on the concept

    NO! NO! NO!

    This is another Luke Sissyfag Montgomery production. Remember Luke? He’s the guy who first came to national attention in the mid-90s by attacking Clinton for not doing enough on AIDS. Good enough.

    But out here in Seattle he was reknowned for attacking glbt friendly officials for the same thing, including out state Rep. Cal Anderson who later died from HIV himself. After burning his bridges in the gay community, he found jeebus, became an anti-gay activist for the religious right before deciding he really did prefer cock.

    The last several years he has jumped on the disaster du jour bandwagon, from taking donations to buy drugs and going down to Haiti after the earthquake to distribute them — without any oversight by medical professionals. Then there was the FUCK BP campaign that sold t-shirts and supposedly contributed a portion of the proceeds to cleanup efforts.

    Now it’s gay kids. It’s a cute video, but until Luke discloses how proceeds are being shared with organizations that are actually doing something for our kids, I say FCK SISSYFAG and his disaster profiteering and taking advantage of other people’s desire to do something to help.

  • DR

    watched it. trashy. vulgar. lowest denominator. if it works, great, but i bet more people will be turned off by this than tuning in to this…

  • yecenia

    It o.k 2 be gay and stand up 2 bully’s but the video they made and the little girl saying bad word it’s not good. don’t get me wrong she’s cute but that’s bad as a parent to let my child to be part of a gay video and let her say such big word like that. an another thing it sad that kids today are killing them self because other kids parent don’t do nothing or stop them for what they are BIG BULLY’S. i talk to my kids about gay’s, bully’s and races cause this world is out of control and we need GOD in are life. BUT GOD WOULD LOVE US AS WHO WE ARE NOT A FAKE PERSON THAT TRY TO BE SOME ONE THAT WERE NOT.

  • Mike F

    I am not much of a swearer myself nor do I like to be in the company of others that swear every other sentence. I only swear when some ignorant idiot can’t get with the program. Selective swearing is my motto and I have come far in getting things done the right way if swearing is the only route to be had. However, I thought this was fucking brilliant. Only swear when it is the most effective.

  • Red Meat

    @yecenia: I’m gay and I don’t believe in God. So bringing God into this is pointless. A word is just a word I heard fuck in movies when I was young as those kids, BUT did I went and said them at school or at someone? No. Kids who use profanity is because their parents or siblings say it every four seconds, it sticks.

    As for those who think its too vulgar or trashy, you just need to get of your high horse or wear a “gays should be like this” pin.

  • ron

    Gays in the US are losing rights big time and this video is a perfect example of why. The next two years are going to be disastrous, and gays don’t understand the public mood and never will it seems. This offensive will make them hate you more.

  • mikebuc

    @ron: I couldn’t disagree with you more. Equal rights for any minority have never been achieved by worrying about the public mood. In your face campaigns like this are to say that homophobia like racism or antisemitism is wrong. Doesn’t matter if the biggots hate us more. It’s about fighting the hate no matter how much or how many.

  • UptheAnte

    I agree with Ron at No 20. Being pushy and caustic might have its place in every movement, but using children for vulgarity just shows one is uncivilized trash. Gandhi said that if one wants equality one must prove himself deserving of it.

  • redball

    Loved the video. Funny, campy, well done.

    So glad that the FCKH8 peeps are not afraid to push some buttons in order to bring gay suicide and civil rights to the forefront. Bravo!

    Reading all your comments, I can’t help but think of similar debates that must have raged during the time of ACT UP, when the organization was doing a hell of a lot of social consciousness raising and PISSING OFF protectors of the status quo in order to shine a light on how AIDS was devastating us and what should be done about it. And guess what? By most accounts, their tactics contributed to the success of the gay AIDS movement.

    I mean, ACT UP even had the **audacity** to interrupt the Cardinal’s Mass in NYC in order to loudly and disruptively ridicule the Catholic Church’s opposition to AIDS education and homosexuality.


    So again: to FCKH8…BRAVO! This vid reminded me of some of the best activist moments in gay history.

  • Michael

    @Red Meat: They are selling merchandise and claim to be donating a portion of the proceeds to what I am going to assume are non-profit charities. Big difference, big mouth.

  • Avenger

    I’m not surprised that these degenerates would recruit and exploits kids & have them speak profanely to further their agenda. But the gay community insists that they AREN’T trying to corrupt kids. These videos say different.

  • Will

    Great video. This campaign has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a good cause. I don’t want to assimilate for my rights… part of gay culture is a bit of attitude and this video celebrates that.

    To quote Network: “All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!’ … ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’.

    Gay rights going back 20 years because of a few swear words? Please…

  • Kev C

    Oy, it’s a commercial for t-shirts and calendars, targeted at “STR8” people, featuring STR8 models, talking the way STR8 people talk. Because more of them exist to buy more stuff.

    It’s not for Q33RS. Or philosophers. It’s a T-shirt. I don’t know what they do with the money. Probably buy blow.

  • unclemike

    Wow. Concern Trolls are very concerned…

  • JasonYeb

    You know what….THE POINT IS THEY ARE ON OUR SIDE. Look for the bottom line in people when dealing with gay rights. This whole rant made no sense because if we choose to start belittling folks on their method of showing support, well guess what…NO ONE’S GONNA SUPPORT YOU. If someone grasps the importance of fairness, equality and humanity in the law of the land for ALL citizens of this “free” nation and they want to lend their voice to that message, that is more than welcomed by me…and they have the right to express that message any way they choose. We are on the same team fighting the same fight, therefor I stand together and loudly applaud any hetrosexual who commits to championing equality!

  • CJLevy

    @yecenia: Uhm…did you just say it’s sad that a parent would let their child be in a gay video? Excuse you? Yeah, get this…there’s children RAISED by gay parents, and they come out far better (and more well rounded) than kids raised by dumbass, hating, ignorant HETRO parents. Nothing wrong with being gay. Heck, you’re on this site, ain’t you?

  • CJLevy

    @ron: Ron, you seem to think how one behaves should dictate their ability to attain rights. If that’s the case, do you look at some black folks you have not so pleasent interactiosn with and say “OP! strip their rights.” Your whole commentary suggests you feel the ability to attain equality should be based on likability. That’s not how it works. Speaking of things not working, this whole nice guy act, sitting in the corner, BEGGING for mercy from the big, O so powerful hetrosexual who holds our rights in their hand and we better be on our absolute best behavior at all times “or else” is bigotry, hate, ignorance and the justification for it. Congrats, you embody everything that is the reason WHY gay people don’t have rights. Your kind would so much rather beg than demand, and that lame ass approach got us nowhere real quick.

  • SteveAtlanta

    There’s one homophobe on here having a field day responding to their own posts under different names.

    NO self respecting gay person would come on a gay blog and write “No, this just proves why ‘we’ don’t deserve our rights. This video right here is perfectly reason why ‘we’ are not worthy of our rights. ‘We’ have to earn our rights”

    LOL you haters gotta do a better job of covering your tracks.

    EARN rights? earn f’cking rights? Rights and freedom go hand in han. Again, no self respecting gay person would ever say the words “EARN rights”

    Only the zealots argue FREEDOM should be earned by the ruling of a mob, but only after said demographic does tricks, sits, rolls over and is a good lap dog and than and MAYBE than can those people “earn” the mandated rights we are all deserving of under the constituition.


  • Michelle

    LOVE this. Stop being the nice guy gays and start getting REAL That means bold, that means brazen that means not being confused for weak. We’ve done that role, it didn’t work. Stop singing and sart swinging! What do we want? Equal rights! When do we want it F8CKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    *Don’t mind the anonymous troll (s) from the Yes on 8 campaign roaming this thread, posting their drivel on why/how equality will not be garnted to us. There is a blog troll roaming every thread with a “divide and conquer” mentality to pin us against each other on every issue. I’m thankful most posters above are calling them out on it and not falling for the hilarity.

  • Michelle

    @gray hunt:
    Yeah, thats right we have a “gay agenda” and it’s called ensuring our equality and being in your face until we get it, just as you’ve been in our face to ensure we don’t. Two can swing that dance.
    Got that f$#ker?

  • Disgusted Gay American

    meant CLOCK, not cock…but I might as well have – as I was SO DAMMED JEALOUS TO THE POINT OF SICKNESS.

  • JasonYeb

    @Disgusted Gay American: Go suck on your bible, it might aleviate the pain.

  • Constatine

    This is sooooo gross.

    Why are they using an innocent girl to promote whatever gay agenda they want?

    I’m gay and participate in LGBT movement and I find this revolting.

  • Red Meat

    @Michael: Its one guy, small brain. Its not big business after your gay dollars.

  • JasonYeb

    @Constatine: Nice try Bible thumper. No gay person says the words “gay agenda” ….you thumpers out yourselves so easily.

  • BB

    This was awesome!
    Loud activism works more effectively than timid ones.
    This was brilliant!

  • Michael

    @Red Meat: Glad to see you actually took the time to look at his business model, sanctimonious meat head.

  • yecenia

    @CJLevy: Don’t get me wrong i know gay parents have kids. I’m not DUMB!!!. i just don’t like that they use kids for this video. it good and funny but do it only with adult not kids that’s all. i never said that i was perfect

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