This MySpace Isn’t For Uglies, Fatties, Or Hipsters


Even though we’re hunting through MySpace to find some lookers, not everyone’s convinced the social networking giant’s pretty factor is high enough. Enter 24-year-old model Jesper Lannung. So turned off by “poseurs and wannabes,” he’s starting his own social networking site — but only the hotties need apply. is taking the Friendster trend to a new niche; the same way A Small World is only for the wealthy, Lannung’s site is only for people who wouldn’t look out of place walking a runway. In fact, if you don’t walk the runways, you probably won’t make it past registration: you need to be registered with one of the “top 50” modeling agencies to snag a username. Is Models Hotel taking superficial to a new level? Certainly. But it sure makes finding a hot housemate that much easier.

Models Hotel
MySpace, But For Models Only [NY Mag]