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This NYC Park Bathroom Is Not For Cruising. Or Privacy


While Florida locals battle over whether transgender folks can use the bathroom they prefer, Manhattanites are left wondering why the men’s bathrooms of the renovated Washington Square Park don’t have any stall doors between the toilets.

As anyone who’s been to WSP can attest, it might have a little something to do with cruising. As in: cutting down on it. Curbed snapped a photo of the situation and learned from a parks staffer cleaning the bathroom: “They took the stalls out before the renovations. There were too many gays together in there. You know, this is Washington Square Park. You’d look and see four legs when there should be two in a stall! Crazy! Now there’s none of that. Can’t do that out in the open.”

What you can do in the open? Uncomfortably relieve yourself in front of others after ingesting street meat.