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This Pro-Gay Shopping Commercial Might Be A Parody, But Who Cares? It’s Awesome.


It’s becoming more and more challenging to distinguish parody from the real thing lately (even in political candidates). For instance, this surreal commercial made by the Robert Dyas hardware store features a cast of supposed customers and clientele who reveal their sexuality and then tout their very favorite drill bits.

The advertisement proudly proclaims that Robert Dyas is a store where “gays and straights can buy drills and so much more.”

The ad popped up on the company’s Facebook page this week, leading to a series of confused comments:

“Truly mystifying… except that this promotional video is excruciating to ALL sexual orientations…”

“I’m so confused.”

“What a time to be alive…”


“If only Donald Trump was president of the UK, we wouldn’t have to put up with these gay shops…”

What do you think? Sly satire or artlessly earnest advert?

“Ho ho ho” or “ha ha ha…?”

Watch it for yourselves below and tell us if you think this is real or satire.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation