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This Rugged Grizzly Bear Wants To Hold You All Night Long

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.35.56 PMThe ultimate anthem for the furry and rugged Bear community — and those who love them — has finally arrived. DaddyB’s “I Want A Bear” is all about the multitude of joys that come from being with a burly man.

Set to a ‘90s house music-inspired beat, DaddyB vents his frustration about being steered in the wrong direction when it comes to men. “You keep pointing out every tweezed, plucked, shaved, skinny, wannabe muscle boy who walks by, and I’m through,” he states at the beginning of the track. He goes on to proclaim, “You want to know what kind of M-A-N makes me H-O-T? I want a bear.”

Flanked by two dancing cubs in the song’s accompanying video, DaddyB spills the tea about the beefy, stocky type of guy he’s looking for. There’s a plethora of eye candy throughout the clip in the form of lumberjacks, leather men, football jocks, and military studs…and it that’s not enough, there’s even a daddy who rips a Cornish game hen in half with his bare hands. Yum.

This delightful ode will have guys wanting to explore their inner-Goldicocks after they hear it, but if you’re still unsure about the exact definition of a bear, DaddyB provides the answer:

“A bear is a friendly man with hair upon his hide. He wears his heart upon his sleeve and walks through life with pride. Bears come in every size and shape, loyal to the end. The perfect kind of buddy, lover, partner, mate, or friend.”

Woof! Or should we say growl? Watch it below.