This Rural Pastor Hopes To Sway SCOTUS Into Voting Against Marriage Equality With His Church’s Antigay Sign

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 10.22.31 AMA pastor in Milledgeville, Georgia (pop. 19,256) is using the marquee outside his church to broadcast a message of hate towards gay people. He says he hopes the sign will sway the U.S. Supreme Court into ruling against marriage equality.

Pastor Robert Lee (pictured) of the Ten Commandments Church called homosexuality a “death worthy crime” on a billboard outside his church, and he’s not apologizing for it.

“Homosexuality is a terrible thing,” he told local TV station WGXA News. “It’s an abomination, so we are trying to inform people exactly what scripture says about it. Homosexuals are destroying this society.”

In a separate billboard Lee called gays and lesbians “disgraces to humanity.”

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The unapologetic bitch said that he will happily continue posting the signs to get his point across and that he’d rather “die” than accept gay members into his congregation.

images“Homosexuality has to be at least as heinous as murder,” Lee opined to The Huffington Post. “My way of thinking comes from scripture. It does not come from any political view. I see a homosexual just like a murderer.”

But not everyone in Milledgeville agrees with Lee’s extreme views.

“This is the first time that I have ever seen anything that actually crossed the line and was inferring death upon a group,” Robert Owens told WGXA News.

Lee says he carefully timed the billboard to coincide with the Supreme Court hearing arguments about the constitutionality of gay marriage. He hopes the justices will notice it and get the message.

“The institution of marriage was instituted by God,” Lee told WGXA News, “and it should not be changed by people who deserve not to live.”

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