This Sort of Thing Doesn’t Happen In Puerto Vallarta

Kiss Rainbow Flag

Two men are claiming they were tossed out on their butts for kissing (they say it was merely a peck!) in a Los Cabos, Mexico hotel swimming pool. But the hotel’s staff say the two men were getting fisky by “making inappropriate advances at other guests.”

But one of the queers alleges even more abuse:

When asked why they had thrown them out, two security guards told them: “We don’t like faggots.”

He said he and his partner, who are both Mexican, filed a criminal complaint against the hotel for assault and for stealing some of their belongings, and that they had approached Mexico’s human rights commission.

It’s now turning into a case of he said, they said. The case of the tonguing queens will be quickly settled once someone provides the security camera tapes. And if it’s as hot as the hotel staff describes, we want a copy of our own.

Gay kiss in pool causes stir in Mexico [Reuters]

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