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This South Carolina Mayor Doesn’t Agree With the Homosexual Lifestle, But He Will Be as Gay Pride’s Grand Marshal

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey, in South Carolina, does not agree with the homosexual “lifestyle.” His feelings about The Gays, however, aren’t stopping him from serving as grand marshal of North Charleston’s first gay pride parade. Huh.

When May 15 arrives, you’ll see North Chuck’s elected leader riding in the grand marshal’s car. But will he be waving at spectators lining the streets? Or grumbling about the drag queens in glitter, muscle jocks in Lycra, and bull dykes in camo wife beaters the whole time?

Actually, he might turn out to be a great sport. “Even though I do not agree with everyone’s lifestyle,” he tells the Charleston City Paper, “I firmly believe in everyone’s equality. As the Mayor of North Charleston, I am the ambassador for our residents, businesses, and visitors. As with any event that will bring guests into our City, I want to ensure that North Charleston’s best foot is put forward. I will be the grand marshal of the Charleston Gay Pride Parade and Celebration, not for a lifestyle, but for a city.”

That might explain why the parade’s organizers and the local gays are, actually, accepting Summey’s remarks and participation with hubris, rather than outrage about his terms of choice (see: “lifestyle”).

And ya know what? We’ll never get everyone to agree with us that we should have marriage rights, discrimination protections, or that gay sex is the most erotic thing in the world. But that you’ll stand by our side as we celebrate our community and our achievements — that, friends, says more than anything about how you view our lifestyle.

And while we expected this media report to include some crazies railing against the parade, we’ve got everyone from citizens to business owners and, yes, religious types welcoming the parade. Or at least not protesting it.